Monday, September 21, 2009

Somewhere in the Stratosphere

Ok, I'm not going to talk about all my high school homework and stuff because that's what I did last time and I completely forgot what I was going to say so it's saved as a draft.

Well, I guess I do need to talk a little about my homework, because I'm supposed to be doing my art homework, but I have been wanting to blog for 2 weeks and I couldn't because I was bogged down with all that stuff. And I need to do this and then I'll feel better.

So, music playlist songs update.

My current favorites:

Show Me What I'm Looking For by Carolina Liar - I had been trying to find it for so long after I first heard it on tv during a trailer for "The Time Traveler's Wife", but then when I searched it up, the trailer changed songs, and I had to convince myself that I hadn't been imagining another song. And then just today, I recognized it on Lily's playlist! Yay! So, my favorite line: "Save me, I'm lost,", the last one right before they repeat the line 5 times.

Second Chance by Shinedown - My favorite line: "Somewhere in the Stratosphere!". I thought it was funny once I had finally figured out what he was singing. Also, I don't pay attention to the lyrics of a song until I hear it so much I finally start singing along to it and find myself saying something weird. Stratosphere... haha.

Ah! I have more but I need to go sleep. So yeah.

Ok. I am back. I will continue.

Suddenly I See by KT Turnstall - This one is a pretty old song I stole from a friend's playlist. My favorite line would be the chorus.

Also, I recently had to read "Unwind" for summer reading, and there's this one part that really stands out to me. Basically, this is a story set in the future when teenagers under the age of 18 can be unwound for a number of reasons. Unwinding is when the teen's body parts are seperated but still alive, and then are redistributed. These body parts are used in surgery to replace useless limbs and organs, for example.

We have three main characters in this book. One runs away once he finds a form his parents signed for his unwinding. Another is an orphan who is being unwound simply because there is not enough room for her to stay. The last, a tithe, was raised up knowing of his unwinding and feeling great about it because it was in his religion to do so.

At one point, the runaway is trapped in a cargo box with 3 other unwinds, and they discuss their unknown fate. When one of the unwinds is prompted with the question, they say that they don't know. And while another kid says that that isn't an answer, the main character disagrees, because if people would just admit that they didn't know, then maybe the world wouldn't be the way it was. The whole book is filled with small revelations like that.

I just thought that was cool.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Wow, high school is busy. I hadn't touched the computer all week until yesterday because I was doing homework(geometry especially). We get so much homework! And even once you finish everything due the next day, there's still more you can do like do the homework for the day after that or something. And I can't decide whether I should lighten the load for tomorrow or work on my idea for the directory contest thing.

I'm actually using my agenda for once, too. Art is really fun, and since I have it every afternoon, it's something to look forward to. :D

So, I am thinking of compiling all of my Spanish notes into one word document so that I can use it in case I forget some old vocabulary or grammar. There's a lot of notes though...

Well, my schedule in the previous post completely failed. Homework takes more than just two hours.

This is really weird. I thought I would go on ranting about high school, but all I have to say is that there's a lot of homework. Lunch is great, since we get to eat in places other than the lunchroom.

The bus is really nice in the morning. It's all still dark and everyone is quiet or reading or listening to music. And the sun slowly comes up and you have another thirty minutes to prepare for school. Also, I can never see the sun on the bus. I can see red and orange hues coming from one area, but it's never there!

And the title is green because I'm wearing green right now and I couldn't think of another title at the time that I felt like typing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, I have gotten my schedule for school and it's pretty good. My only complaints would be that I have Geometry every morning, and Ceramics is before Drawing, which is like a tranference from messy... to mostly clean. Well, I have decided that I will make a schedule for the rest of my short summer and for school.

So far it's just been: Sleep-computer-eat-computer-eat-sleep. But now I will elaborate and add more constructive things to my day. It's mostly because even though high school is exciting and all, it also means chinese school will start again soon, and that's such a pain. T_T

So! I will take action. Here is my schedule.

Summer Schedule
7:30am - Wake up
8:00am - Eat breakfast
8:10am - Morning routine of link checking
9:00am - Do whatever you want!
10:00am - Do whatever you want!
11:00am - Do whatever you want!
12:00pm - Do whatever you want!
1:00pm - Do whatever you want!
2:00pm - Do whatever you want!
3:00pm - Do whatever you want!
3:30pm - Study chinese
4:00pm - Do whatever you want!
5:00pm - Do whatever you want!
6:00pm - Do whatever you want!
7:00pm - Eat dinner
8:00pm - Do whatever you want!
9:00pm - Do whatever you want!
10:00pm - Do whatever you want!
11:00pm - Sleep
12:00am - Sleep
1:00am - Sleep
2:00am - Sleep

3:00am - Sleep
4:00am - Sleep
5:00am - Sleep
6:00am - Sleep
7:00am - Sleep

It's hourly. Yay! I know I could conserve space by deleting all my sleeping, but this way is more fun. As you can see, I have a lot of time to do whatever I want. Therefore, I have 2 rules.

Rule #1. Somehow implement 30 minutes of drawing, eating lunch, and basic necessities into your time of doing whatever you want.

Rule #2. You can study chinese for 30 minutes earlier anytime if you want, but by 3:30pm, if you haven't studied, you better do it now. >:(

And now for my school schedule.

School Schedule
5:30am - Wake up & do basic necessities
6:10am - Eat
6:25am - Drive to bus stop
6:39am - Bus leaves
6:45am - Check you have everything, find a bus buddy, and sleep?
7:55am - School starts
8:00am - School
9:00am - School
10:00am - School
11:00am - School
11:50pm - Lunch
12:30pm - School
1:00pm - School
2:00pm - School
3:00pm - School
3:35pm - School ends
3:48pm - Bus leaves
4:00pm - Maybe at home?
5:00pm - Do HW
6:00pm - Do HW
7:00pm - Eat dinner
8:00pm - Study Chinese
8:30pm - Do whatever you want!
9:00pm - Do whatever you want!
10:00pm - Sleep

I could try to sleep at 9, but I don't think that's possible. I'm still trying to adjust from my nocturnal sleeping schedule. And even though the hourly schedule is fun, I do want to conserve at least a little bit more space, so I didn't add sleeping 20 times. @_@

Now compare: Too much time vs. Too little time

On another subject, Nitrome has a new game. Nitrome updates so frequently, and sometimes they update before I want to do a blog post. And I feel like adding a post just for one teensy little link to a game-updating-machine is too many posts of non-thinking? So, I just added a little text thing over on the left side which will be for all those little game updates that come often enough to not include in the links page or as a post. I'm not sure how to explain it so that you don't have to reread that sentence. However, there is one link that's pretty cool, which I will include here:

Q-BLOCK - Have you ever heard of pixel art? This is just like pixel art, except it's 3D(none of that isometric stuff) and you can rotate it around, export it, or use it as your desktop wallpaper. Isn't that cool? It's like legos, but neater and square.

Ok. I'm already 25 minutes late on my schedule, so the post ends here.
I would like to add more statistics on my schedules though. Statistics make me happy. :D
But I won't. Ok, good bye!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


You must listen to Lost My Pieces.

It's a sad song, although not the kind that brings you into deep depression. Since it's only instrumental, would it count as classical music?

It's from Toradora. Have you ever watched Toradora? It's an anime. I was in an anime phase two years ago, when I first discovered anime. For a while, I forgot about it, and then a friend got me into watching Toradora, and I am once again in an anime phase. I don't watch anime that much though. I must say, I think the end-ish part of episode 19 of Toradora is the most moving episode of anime in the history of anime I will ever watch. Even though I suppose it is sappy... It's also the best, by the way. So, onto other things.

I'm curious about how many people actually read my blog. I know there aren't many, because I'll be happy with just five who check it once in a while. I also wonder which of you I know, and which of you I don't.

Don't you think its strange, how you could be completely different because of one small little action? If you befriended one group of people rather than another, future you might have different interests. You could have walked right past your possible-best-friend-for-life-if-you-had-only-poked-them-in-the-shoulder 5 times a week. And it's like all your chances in life are piled up, and every second a bunch of them gets crossed off. Somewhat like:

stared at computer screen -0.0001 vision
spilled defected juice -1 week of stomach turning

sent letter to law school -1 chance of musical child prodigy
ate pocky +2 minutes of satisfied stomach
lent pencil to student +1 angry teacher
did not call classmate -1 chance of turning in correct assignment
responded "oh." +1 friend for life

Alrighty then.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week 339

Week 339

Taxman :: Taxes
Material :: Fabric
Format :: Graph
File cabinet :: Files
Ignore :: Guinness
Super! :: Power
Fireproof :: Firewall
Blockbuster :: Movies
Snooper :: Snoopy
Good will :: Charity

from lunanina

good morning

Do you have any idea how happy you feel when you wake up at 7:55 after countless weeks of waking up in the afternoon?

Just yesterday, I fell asleep at 4:00 in the morning, and woke up at 4:00 in the afternoon. Since I had never woken up so late, I decided that I would sleep by 12:00 that day, and I was just one hour over.

You know how sometimes you're dreaming, and then you consciously turn around and fall back to sleep 5 times? And then by the 6th time, you realize that you can't get back to the dream and open your eyes? That's pretty much what happened to me this morning, except I had accumilated a big pile of fluffy comforter near my head and so every time I turned around in one direction, POOF! Since this seems to encourage sleep, it took about 7 times of turning around before I noticed that the alarm clock hadn't run yet. So I turn around and look at my cell phone and it says-


-in big white letters. It's a little strange how I went over the needed 9 hours of sleep by 3 hours yesterday, and then I wake up within 7 hours today and am 3 hours earlier than I expected to wake up.

So yeah. I just wanted to tell you how collected comforter feels like fluffy clouds.

Also, I'm a little bored with the default black and white text in my posts, so I changed the colors of every number, according to how I associate them with colors. It's not very exact though. If it looks like sky blue, I just mean that the number reminds me of some type of blue. I didn't change the giant 7:55 though, because it's already easy to see. I also wanted to change the alignment of the text, so I did that to. It looks weird. It feels a bit like you reversed the gravity on your computer, or when you flip the desktop upside-down and you're trying to get it back to normal.

I just found a useful Wikipedia entry. You probably knew that
would take a screenshot of your screen. But did you know that if you add
then it would take a screenshot of just the current browser that you were using? I thought that was cool. And I finally found out what the keys,
is supposed to get you to the beginning of the line of text.
is supposed to bring you to the end of your line of text.
And all along I thought they would bring me to my homepage or close my browser. I've used the keys by mistake a bunch of times though. Like the
key, which after a while, I realized toggled the thing where every key you press replaces the next letter that appears.
And I've always used
and the arrow keys to highlight text, but if you use it with
you can highlight whole lines of text!

Isn't that cool?

This post might look a little confusing because of the funky format, but I like that because it's different. And different posts are fun to look at. Even though this isn't as fun to look at as I was hoping for. And I don't want it to become too chaotic, because then I'll be the only one who'll be able to read it.

In other news,
My alarm just rang! :D

How was your morning?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Quizzes!

Oh wonderful.

Apparently, if eaten, I would taste like barbequed tofu.

Anyway, I was browsing the quizzes on oneplusyou(Remember that post I made on those quizzes? No?) and I found another site with quizzes, although not many. It's called RecipeStar, and it seems to specialize in food. I think it was created by the same people who made the OnePlusYou quizzes.

The quizzes can be found here:

My favorite is of course, "How long would you survive trapped in your kitchen freezer?"
I would survive for 7 hours. Couldn't you just push open the door though?
I am also moderately experienced in the foods of the world.
My steak knowledge score is 37%, and I'm 44% addicted to bacon.

And this is kind of cool.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I changed my blog a little bit yesterday, so now it looks better! Now most of the pictures and extras are on the left, and all the links and wordy stuff is on the right. I also finally found a place to put my "About Me" instead of that place in the middle that wasn't completely the middle even though I tried to center everything.

Anyway, here are screenshots of before and after.


Also, there's new Nitrome game(sequel to Twin Shot). - But now they have 50 levels extra for people who buy them. Which is kind of sad because then they might continue doing that for all their future games and pretty soon we'll only have 10 free levels. I hope that won't happen.
And I think I forgot to tell you about Parasite too, which relates very much to the title. You get to take over flying kittens, boars, and a few other creatures to help you get to your destination. They also turn green and drooly when you control them.

Week 338

Banter :: Canter
Amazing :: Blazing
Towel :: Duck
Cinema :: Popcorn
Newspaper :: Gray
Not good :: Grey
My type :: Cloud
Twinkle :: Stars
Actress :: Actor
Daft :: Draft

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First blog-anniversary!

Yay! And I made my first post at around 11:30 too. So happy blog-anniversary?
Laurapoet and I made our blogs on the same day, so double-yay!

To celebrate, we shall look at cow cupcakes. - lecupcake makes a lot of amazing cakes and stuff with icing.

Aren't they adorable? My favorite is the second cow in the front. And my second favorite is the third cow in the front. :D


I was really bored so I sewed some paper.

Blank Paper - Get out a few sheets of competely blank paper. Isn't it beautiful? Doesn't it make you want to fill it with words or colors or shadows? So fill it.

Sew Paper - Plain sewing is fun at this point, but paper sewing is even better! Just dampen some paper and get out a sharp needle and thread. And the holes have to be pretty far apart, since it's very easy to tear damp paper. You can't make much, but you get to wait for it to strengthen and wrinkle. This is probably bad for your needle. Everytime you poke through the paper, a little tuft of fiber sticks to the end of the needle, so you'll need to wipe that off before poking anything else. If you want, I suppose you could also just stitch everywhere, then pull the ends of the thread apart and watch as your creation rips itself apart. :(

Make Paper - Make paper by recycling! I actually haven't tried this before... Anyway, get out a sheet of paper and let it soak in water until it disintegrates into little fibers. And then try to filter out the water and lay it out as flat as possible? Or you can clump it up and see what happens.

Reform Paper - I haven't tried this either. I guess you soak the paper with water, reform it in elegant little ruffles and complicated shapes, and let it dry. Hope that it stays the same shape when it dries.

CRAYONS! - Get dark vibrant crayons and doodle on a sheet of paper. All the light ones are just waxy and have barely any color, other than yellow. And coloring just isn't as fun as swiping the crayon around the paper.

Now I am soaking paper.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 337

Week 337

Sister :: Mister
Talks :: Phone
Electric! :: Phone
Corner :: Stile
Turnstile :: Corner
Swap :: Mop
Young :: Old
Horrific :: Wendy
Block :: Sand
Wind :: Goose

From lunanina

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Cryptic Poem

- ~ -
Tangy alabaster knows each,
plucking harps of the orange scent,
telling hats and taupe,
"To evil lies lime!"
so true origins read yew...

- ~ -
- ~ -

The alabaster recognizes all,
this orange hardly the toothing-stone of the scent of the selection,
is gray-dark the protection of the protection and that one,
"Of the false lime milked one of the voice it is! "
this type of the iron and steel industry of the true origin of the honorarium informs to him…
- ~ -
There's a link to lost in translation in the links list!

Monday, July 6, 2009


I just found an interesting site full of design ideas.

The designs range from urban art, clothing, interior, illusions, and random miscellaneous things.

So far, I've seen a 120 zipper dress, shredded tax papers dress, color pencil shoes, a toothbrush with a dent that lets you rinse, heat activated wallpaper, life-sized dollhouse, a pen that scans a color and lets your draw with it, and an art student that decided to live in an elevator one day.

So here are some links! - Miniature hand-painted people in London. Quote from dornob: "Sometimes they are slain by forces of the larger world and at other times these tiny individuals take advantage of their surroundings." - 120 zipper dress - Living in an elevator - Scan and draw - Interior rain with handcrafted raindrops strung together - A room covered in white paper(post-it notes?). - Napkin Notebook - Faceless Wristwatch - These people camouflage themselves in a store by covering themselves with binders, boxes, and bags. I think the video is hilarious. Heat activated paint on wallpaper, calendars, and other things.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ooba Glooba, Little Bees

How do you think aliens sound?
I picture green gloopy aliens with one eye and three tentacles and an O shaped mouth. And they have three fingers with little whatever-those-things-are that octopus have on their arms. They have an eggplant shaped body, move slow and go "ooba glooba".

I am reading Little Bee right now, for summer reading. I am also halfway through "Something Wicked This Way Comes" which I always think is "Something Wicked Comes Along". Jane Eyre is the most dreaded book at the moment, since its definately the longest and most boring book I chose off the list. The other books are about teenagers salvaged for their body parts, two-faced circuses that change overnight, and a book that is so special that it doesn't have a very resourceful summary(although intriguing, somewhat) and supposedly has a horrific beach scene that I have yet to read.

Little Bee is much better than I expected. I love the narrative of Little Bee, but I don't really like how it changes from her POV to the woman-who's-got-a-kid-obsessed-with-batman in every other chapter. LB's commentary and descriptions are much more interesting than the other person's. I was interested in the book when I read the summary, but then I thought, oh no, it must be one of those books that have intriguing summaries but lack of substance. And then I got the book and it was just beautiful. I figured that a book with font as wonderful as that and with such a nice summary-area on the inside cover had to be good. I judge books by the cover a lot, even though I'm not supposed to, but when you compare The Goose Girl and Treasure Island, well...

The Goose Girl - Best book ever, BEST COVER EVER!!
Treasure Island - Boring. Ew Cover.

The Goose Girl's original cover, I mean. The new one is too modernized and doesn't look like Ani/Isi at all, to me.

Anyway, I found this nice word game. Try it out:

And Nitrome has 2 new games:
Castle Corp
Double Edged

And, Incredibots now has an Incredibots 2. It's just really slow.

Week 335

Week 335

Guest :: Vacant
Impact :: Car
Unplanned :: Map
Tactic :: Ties
Delayed :: Flight
Bombastic :: Tastic
Comfort :: Room
Trumpet :: Gold
Joe :: Trubloney
Budget :: Fudget

From lunanina

Poll Results #8 and #9

The poll in May:

What's the Best Day of This Month?

May 1st
0 (0%)

May 13th
4 (40%)

May 27th
6 (60%)

May 31st
0 (0%)

and the one in June:

Wear something that can get messy.

Wear jeans and a T-shirt.
1 (20%)

Wear your newest clothes.
0 (0%)

Find your paint splattered tie-dye clothes.
3 (60%)

Bring an apron.
0 (0%)

Bring your swimsuit.
0 (0%)

Umbrellas are the answer to everything.
1 (20%)

- - -

Okie dokes. There's a new poll up!

Listening to: I'll Be by Edwin McCain

I seem to like listening to old songs. Hmm.

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Fish and the Bud

The Fish and the Bud

A fish was once tending to his garden green, and he tended to his garden so well that none of his fellow consorts could surpass him. Plants everywhere grew to love the fish, and they all reached out with hopes of receiving the same care that the fish had bestowed upon his garden. In fact, the garden flourished to such a great quantity that, after a tiring day of tending, the fish found that he could no longer find his way out.

His plants were narrow-minded creations, and had grown miserly from all the attention. They depended on the fish to make them greener, taller, better than the rest. So when they realized that he, for once, could not give them what they asked, they turned away.

For days, the fish wandered through the dense forest of green, but could not find an escape. Tired and lonely, he stopped by the smallest bud, and fell asleep.

When he awoke, the forest had shriveled and withered away. Only the small, lonely bud, that he sought for comfort, remained. The bud, so tiny was she, was unseen beside the tall plants that surrounded her. Now that the other plants were gone, she soaked up all the attention the fish had to give.

But the fish, heartbroken at the loss of his garden and more alone than he had ever been, could only share despair. The bud tried many times to cure the fish of his grief, but the fish refused to listen. The bud grew weaker and weaker. It's leaves drooped and it bent over feebly. The bud was too tired to keep the fish in good spirits.

Only after it was too late. Only after the bud had long since stropped growing and turned brown, did the fish finally see everything the little plant had tried to teach him.

- - -
(Thanks to laurapoet for help on the last paragraph!)

Sunday, June 21, 2009



The morning dust roamed over the clouds as the light set a color of molten orange to the sky. All previous tints of dark peeled away as warmth took over. Small birds flowed into the atmosphere, feathers trailing in golden dust.

One certain grackle was snoring against the pavement. The sudden warmth of the light woke him from his dreams, which often consisted of donuts and sprinkles. After adjusting to the bright light, he brushed off the shiny sparkles that coated his feathers and set off behind the other birds. He had letters to deliver.

He was in charge of love letters to a certain Signor Ryf. Well, he was in charge of all love letters in general, but Signor Ryf was the only one who received any. Every day, a single letter addressed to him was sent, with no return address. He had never met Signor Ryf, and wondered why anyone would be so infatuated with the bird.

Once he arrived at Signor Ryf’s dwelling, he dropped the lone letter into the slot in the tree, listening as it dropped with a satisfying thunk. He flew straight home after that, and watched as all the other birds worked. He felt a little smug at the fact that he had such a small load. Walking outside, he rid his home of the soot that insisted on covering his possessions. He ruffled his feathers and sneezed from the dust that resulted.

And then the light crinkled and the dust disappeared. The grackle, suddenly overcome with drowsiness, fell to the floor and dreamed of donuts and sprinkles.

The next day, the light woke him up. Once again, he found the letter in his possession, and brushed the dust off in preparation for flight. As he watched a flurry of birds fly above, it occurred to him that he should try talking to them. Perhaps then his days wouldn’t be so dull. He noticed that dust was covering his feathers again. The grackle put down his letter to wipe the pesky things off when he noticed something strange. Golden dust poured out from the wrinkled envelope. Curious, he opened the letter, and the sky ripped apart.

And then the grackle watched his world unfold.
- - -
The grackle is Signor Ryf. He lives in a love letter. The golden dust is actually sand. The sand is time. The slot that he puts his letter in is dark inside. Therefore, the light disappears very suddenly. His world rewinds while its dark, so the letter is once again with the grackle, and the light is back. The other birds don’t exist, and are made of sand. Since he wipes the sand off himself before and after the dark appears, he still remembers everything. When the letter rips, the sand falls out, and so does time. So then his world unfolds. And he dreams of donuts because he dreams of what he can’t have(donuts and sprinkles don’t exist in his world). Why is he in a love letter? It’s just the way things are. There's my short story. I think it's the first one I've ever finished. So, how many synonyms of folding can you find? Also, the Ryf in Signor Ryf is actually a bad anagram of fry for cheese fry.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wahoo! Clean room!

Well, four of my friends came over, re-organized, de-clutterized, and cleaned up my room.

It started one day when a friend of mine decided that it would be so much fun to clean up my room. And so all of us just chose to do that one day because its fun to clean up other people's rooms, just never your own. We also made a group playlist and each added songs to it to listen to while we were organizing.

Before, my room was full of stuff, but according to them it was cluttered. I think it was pretty clean, except my closet, bookshelves, and the space under my bed was bursting with stuff. Of course, I laid down 5 rules, which they agreed to, and were all broken.

1. Don't touch the books or pig collection on the bookshelves.
2. Please clean up one area at a time in case we don't finish and half my room is still dead.
3. Don't mess with the stuff in the drawers.
4. Don't throw away anything without my consent!
5. Don't break anything.

#2 Step one to cleaning up a room is to mess it up. From all areas of the room, socks, clothes, and everything was being thrown into one big pile in the middle of the floor. Everyone's stuff was in the bathroom, and the springs and backing of my old bed were being stuffed under my bed, while my other friends were pulling out the paper and books from under my bed so there was room for the old-bed-stuff.

#3 Two of my friends tried to cram a plastic box of 200 crayons into my craft drawer. The drawer wouldn't open enough to take out my craft box, so we tried to pull the box out and succeeded after it was crushed. And then after my help, the drawer would barely open at all. But finally, my friend miraculously got the crayons out and we then stuffed everything back into the drawer.

#4 They tried to throw away my old Disney posters and cards which I don't have up anymore, but I already had a nice little collection, but they insisted on throwing em away because it was going to grow bigger and I was too old for it all. So they asked, but didn't listen to me anyway. :)

#5 There is a slight dent on my closet door. I'm not really sure how that happened.

Some of the wonderful additions and improvements:

All my clothes are hung up, and the boxes have been moved to the side so you can actually walk into it. All the luggage is stacked on the poor little shelf above.

The space between my bed and the wall is actually clear except for the extra mattress. We threw all the squishy pillows and too-small-to-sleep-on pillows into the area and laid down a blanket, so now there's a nice little reading corner right under the giant window.

The pile that has accumulated in front of my bookcases is gone. Before, there were almond jars filled with trinkets and ribbons and random things inside. Now all the jars have been transported to different places. I actually have one empty one under the desk as a trash can now.

The space under my bed has more room for stuff now! Although I'll try not to put more stuff under it.

A bunch of stuff is being thrown out. Its still in a pile in the hallway, but it'll disappear soon.

From an idea from one of my friends, a rope is tied between the two things on the end of my bed, and all my old stuffed animals(which were previously stacked in a row on my old mattress) are sitting in a row between my bed and the rope.

A collage we made over winter break is hung up on my wall.

My friends ambushed me while I was looking for my camera.

Afterwards, for some reason I was mad and started cleaning up all the tiny leftover things(like moving the mattress back and re-organizing my drawers so I knew where everything was again) and now my room is completely clean.

That was fun. :)

Listening to: How Six Songs Collide by Norwegian Recycling (from our group playlist)

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Doesn't the thought of writing make you happy? And the same with doodling. And just looking at a small tower of blank paper makes you want to fill it with something.

Hockey :: Golfballs
Twirling :: Batons
Montreal :: Whales
Better :: Or Worse
New :: Old
Rally :: Really
Stanley :: Stretchy
USB :: Computer
Scouted :: Dog
Cough :: Drop

From lunanina
Still thinking about: Writing a story

Listening to: Collide by Howie Day
Look at that! --->
It's called Dangerous Donut.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hugs & Toes

My friend laurapoet just stubbed her toe.

You know, hugs are a great way to greet people and skip the weird part of awkward silence, because its so totally unexpected that you have to have a reaction to it.

Alabaster - New IF by Emily Short and 11 other people. Its a twist on the traditional story of Snow White, and its mostly in dialogue. 18 different endings! Yay!

Listening to: Miss Invisible
Feeling like: Writing a story
Browsing: DeviantArt
Playing: Little Wheel
Discovering that: Sunburns don't just make your skin red
Learning that: putting loud songs after quiet songs are frightening

I love stories. And quizzes. And polls. And humor.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stinkbugs stink

There's a stinkbug in my room. I don't know where it is now because it was flew in yesterday. Let me give you an excerpt from an e-mail I was sending to my friend.

"It was like, BZZZZZZZT! And I nearly had a heart attack when I saw some big dark thing fly in clumsily from the doorway. And then it thumped against the ceiling and I was like, holy crap what is that thing, and it hit the ceiling again and landed on my mail. And then I cautiously walked over to look at it and realized it was a stinkbug. Which sucks, cause how do I get it out of my room without making it go all crazy-bug on me and spraying stink on my clothes, which will never ever wash out? And I think squashing it causes the same thing."

So yeah. There's no smell yet. I hope it miraculously flew out of my closed window while I was gone. Grrr.
Oh, and here's another list thing for this week.

Lisa :: Forger
Hope :: Faith
Irene :: Hope
Tony :: Dallas
Anna :: Fallis
Dolly :: Molly
Laura :: Mills
Debbie :: Wilson
Wilson :: Willow
Paula :: Wilson - From here

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Strawberries (and 2 new nitrome games)

Yes! No more tests, no more finals, no more anything! Now we do nothing for the rest of our measly 7 days.

I'm having Strawberry Yoplait Yogurt right now. My favorite yogurt flavour is Strawberry, and my favorite yogurt brand is Yoplait. Except I couldn't find any original, so I had got the Whips! kind. Whip is weird. it's very light, looks spongy, and makes a sponge sound when you take a cunk out with your spoon. And no pieces of real strawberry, D:

We're doing perspective drawings in art. I just found out that there are *insert number* perspectives! I thought it was just a plain perspective drawing. That makes me sad. Because we learned about perspectives when we were in elementary. >_> Anyway, perspectives are cool. Especially 6 point perspectives. I'm going to have to try that one day.

New Nitrome game by the way. I think its a minigame. OH MY GOD THERE'S ANOTHER ONE!! I was going to tell you about Cosmic Cannon, but then I checked their homepage and they have another new one. O_o It's called Droplets and looks adorable. I have no idea what it's about. Cosmic Cannon has a bunch of characters from Nitrome's previous games. You blast cannonballs out of a cannon at the bottom of the screen, and each ball has a number. Every time the ball collides with anything, the number goes up. You try to get the highest number possible. Ok, now I'm off to play Droplets. Goodbye! - Droplets sound cute too. Don't they? - Bloop.

No wait. The whole point of this post was to do my new weekly list thing. - From here. Remember?

Vex :: Hex
Relapse :: Time
Twinkle :: Stars
Crawls :: Bug
Optimistic moment :: Dream Bubble
Cage :: Bird
Superwoman :: Mom
Personal :: Belongings
Vapor :: Mist
Grocery store :: Welcome

Welcome is a grocery store by the way. Well, now, bye!
I just finished Droplets, :D All 30 levels! Funny ending. Took 90 minutes? o_o Ah, saddening.
Oh darn. I forgot about my yogurt. It's melted into this weird foamy liquid. Egch. Like melted ice cream.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's my birthday!


Yay! May 13th. :D My birthday~ in 2009!

Guess what? All my friends were throwing confetti at me all day, I got a whole ton of new stuff that I can use, and I WON A CAR!! :D :D :D

:/ None of that actually happened. It's been a pretty boring day so far. Hmmm...
Anyway, I'm going to learn one song on the viola, :D. I'm more of a piano person, but viola is a string instrument and the one time I tried to play it, it screeched into my ear. So maybe I'll be able to make music out of it soon. ^^

Starbucks rocks. I love their hot chocolate. I don't like coffee though. Too bitter.

Week 238

Again :: Retreat
Shower :: Water
Flirting :: Water
Moving on :: Truck
Rachel :: Varson
Chips :: Dip
Texting :: Phone
Feel better :: Yellow smiley face with thermometer
Cashmere :: Sweater
Sucked :: A lot - Weekly. Look at my past posts if you don't know what this is.

:) What about you?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have 86 songs on my playlist. The first 30 have pretty much gotten old. And 86 isn't really that many. I automatically start with one of the last 6 songs. I started my playlist last year, I think.

Anyway, amazingly, some songs haven't gotten old to me yet. Here's a list.

#11 Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson - I listened to that song repeatedly on YouTube for 3 months. And then I got sick of it. But if I happen to come by it on my playlist, I still like to listen to it. Its also #60 because I couldn't find it once and thought it wasn't on my playlist.

#36 Listen to Your Heart by DHT - I just like it.

#51 Miss Invisible by Marie Digby - It's a pretty song. I love turning it up high because it sort of echoes. :) It's a sad song, but it makes you feel content and almost happy. And not in a sadistic way.

#57 Breathe by Michelle Branch - Awesome song. Totally reminds me of sepia. I like the music video too.

#82 Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie - It's fairly new. I first heard it when laurapoet showed me a stop-motion clip on YouTube with this as the song. It's an awesome video, by the way. Go check it out. (keywords: her morning elegance)

And my favorite and newest song at the moment:

#86 Run, Don't Walk by Hey Monday - The voice is awesome. I stole it from Lily's playlist. :)

I love happy songs. I love sad songs too. Don't your favorite songs just make you feel much better?
Mostly, I find songs is through radio stations, stores, and commercials. So the songs are a little limited...Any suggestions? :/

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Links and Blogs

I was just looking around and found some interesting blogs and links. -
"Free association is described as a "psychonanalytic procedure in which a person is encouraged to give free rein to his or her thoughts and feelings, verbalizing whatever comes into the mind without monitoring its content." Over time, this technique is supposed to help bring forth repressed thoughts and feelings that the person can then work through to gain a better sense of self.

That's an admirable goal, but for the purposes of this excercise, we're just hoping to have a little fun with the technique. Each week I'll post ten words to which you can respond to with the first thing that comes to mind. " - Excerpt from LunaNina

For this week, I got:

  1. Avoid :: Void
  2. Castle :: Turret
  3. Episode :: TV
  4. Limited :: Too
  5. Nail polish :: Purple
  6. Dip :: Cheese
  7. Share :: Manager
  8. Damage :: Car
  9. Improper :: Medieval
  10. Handle :: Bike - A blog with a bunch of creative ideas. I love #29, #23, #21, #15, #12, #11, and #2. There are many good ideas for writers, artists, and meditationists. "Record Your Day" "Create a Wish Bulletin Board" and "Find your Favorite Toy from Childhood and Play With It" are a few of the ideas there. - Nice tutorial. I'm going to try this. - *blubbering* I love this tutorial! Its just 5 pages of pdf, but they went into such depth with the ideas for every aspect of the minibook. They have so many different was of making decorated paper that I never knew were possible. Tea Dye and Handmade Stickers are some cool ideas from the tutorial. Theme Ideas and even Ideas for closing minibooks. - Fabric bow-ties. - Bookmarks from wire. :)

(Good Ideas For Mother's Day. >_> So um...yeah. ) <---

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

(sahl-min) Salmon (sam-en)

Hello. Well, I added something new under the poll. I made it with HTML, :D.
I just felt like adding something different to it. Also, if you press the button, nothing much happens. It doesn't save or send whatever's in the text box. So no worries. :)

I've been feeling like I need to do a lot of things differently. I'm bored of everything being the same. Same uniform every day, same food, same schedule, same blog stuff, same links, even the same music. So I'm just trying to do more things differently. Just the small things though. Like wearing a ponytail, making changes to my blog, or eat homemade beef jerky in different flavours. I'm probably going to change the radio station to some other random one I've never listened to. Maybe I'll do a different kind of post sometime. Also, about the title. The first word is how I pronounce salmon. The third word is the correct way to say it, according to my friend laurapoet. o_o

I also feel like starting something, such as a sort-of big project. Maybe bind a book using an accordion fold(which I've never done before), or a new blog. I'm definately not stopping this blog if I do though, I just want something to be excited about. And geez, I still don't know how to spell "definately" properly. It just never looks right.

Definately (Definately)
Disappear (Dissapear)

See, the stuff in parentheses is what I usually type, and the word on the left is what I think it's actually spelled. I think when I say new blog, I mean just make a new topic or a new layout of my own.

I actually wanted to make this post hot pink, mostly because I don't like associating myself with pink in any way, even though its a nice color. Also, because hot pink is bright and very different from the color scheme on my blog. Unfortunately, they don't have hot pink on the list of color choices, and I don't feel like changing the html because now I realize that that much hot pink will make you cry. So I settled with boring slate blue, because its a pretty color. :/ :)

Wait, nevermind. I found a salmon color, yay! Now it alternates, since I can't decide which I like more.

And happy cinco de mayo!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Poll Results #6 and #7

I lost track. Oh wait. According to my tags history, this must be poll #6 and poll #7.
Ok, I figured I couldn't have 3 polls on my blog at once, so here's the late-late-late poll results.

(Poll #6)
Which Nitrome games do you like the most? (newest to oldest, minigames last)

Twin Shot
5 (83%)

Flash Cat
4 (66%)

Ice Breaker
2 (33%)

Pixel Pop
2 (33%)

Frost Bite 2
3 (50%)

Fat Cat
1 (16%)

Toxic 2
3 (50%)

2 (33%)

2 (33%)

2 (33%)

3 (50%)

Mallet Mania
0 (0%)

2 (33%)

Final Ninja
5 (83%)

3 (50%)

Small Fry
1 (16%)

Skywire 2
2 (33%)

0 (0%)

Cheese Dreams
2 (33%)

2 (33%)

Dirk Valentine
3 (50%)

2 (33%)

Jack Frost
4 (66%)

Snow Drift
2 (33%)

Thin Ice
2 (33%)

1 (16%)

Pest Control
2 (33%)

2 (33%)

Off the Rails
0 (0%)

0 (0%)

Yin Yang
0 (0%)

2 (33%)

Square Meal
2 (33%)

Hot Air 2
1 (16%)

Balloon Maker
1 (16%)

1 (16%)

Space Hopper
0 (0%)

2 (33%)

Frost Bite
2 (33%)

1 (16%)

Tanked Up
0 (0%)

Feed Me
2 (33%)

Roly Poly
0 (0%)

Chick Flick
0 (0%)

1 (16%)

Hot Air
1 (16%)

Snot Put
1 (16%)

0 (0%)

Magic Touch
0 (0%)

Gift Wrapped
0 (0%)

Never played Nitrome
0 (0%)

I don't like any of them.
0 (0%)

I like all 50! :D
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 6

Poll closed

You know, that poll took forever to make. T_T Jack Frost(4), Final Ninja(5), Flash Cat(4), and Twin Shot(5) had the most votes. Yay! Final Ninja rocks. :D But I still think Jack Frost is the best. ^^ And here's the more recent poll.

(Poll #7)
Do you like Polls?

8 (88%)
0 (0%)
1 (11%)

Votes do far: 9
Poll closed

Well, yay! Most of you like polls. I like polls.
So, I made another one. Vote in your own free time.
Choose wisely...

Monday, April 27, 2009


Vectorpark is awesome. You have to try it. Its a website with a variety of interactive vector stuff. Its got crazy ideas. Everything is so simple looking and amazing with its animation and sounds and everything. I found this a while ago, I can't believe I forgot to add it to my Links list. Its now on the list, by the way. You can interact with almost everything. And you can click, drag, prod, or just hold-click, and it'll do something. The animation is cute too.

Well, they came up with a new game (except this one, you have to download. But it works on Macs too! And its $3 for the full thing. But it's not those stupid ones where you're only on the 2nd level and it makes you pay. Its just plain perfect.) It's called Windosill.

My favorite games on Vectorpark are Feed the Head, Windosill, and the one with the tri-legged creatures(Acrobots).

With Feed the Head, you don't really know when it ends. It feels like it can't go on even further, but it can. Have you gotten to the part where the head jumps over the bar stuff? I love his nose. Pull it off. Do it again. I love the trunk nose too. Give it a ball, and it'll take it with its trunk and eat it. (O_o) Different things that the Head eats causes different things. Yawning is key...

Windosill is cute. I love the first scene. For some reason, one of my favorite parts is dragging the little tree and watching it bob up and down. My actual favorite, though, is the bird scene. When you feed it the worm. And don't let go. Nothing happens, its just so cute. The puzzles are the perfect difficulty. No instructions just makes the whole thing better.

Just click it. I'm 90% sure you'll love it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Guess What?

I'm making a post. :)

Well, two things.

One. I have a list of people who seem interesting, and seem like they would be fun to be friends with. These people aren't really even friends at all. They're just classmates, people that sit with us at lunch sometimes, etc. Ryewanda? - Bam. First letters of their first names. Not all of them are names though. I needed to add some to make it readable. Even the question mark means something! (pretty much someone I don't know the name of?) Of course, people in book and movies are in a separate list of interesting-people. Peter Pan, as one example. Or the characters in the Goose Girl. And Harry Potter, of course. Who doesn't want to meet the quirky people in that book?

Two. My playlist. I always have it on. Usually I repeat new songs that I add over and over again, because the old ones just get old. Anyway, I'm usually doing something when music is playing. So everytime I hear the song, it reminds me of what I was doing when listening to it. Breathe by Michelle Branch reminds me of the green monster guy from Jack Frost that I was making. This other song on Lily's playlist reminds me of Pokemon (of all things) because it was always playing in the car when I was playing pokemon.

Well. That was fun. Now I'm going to go and do more online-reading.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Power Up

A new Nitrome game, and just in time for Earth Day, :)

Power Up - Connect the blocks and so the electricitycan pass through. Physics! It has an awesome menu. Drag and drop the blocks that spell out the title of the game there. I think the blocks are a little too unstable though...

Happy Earth Day!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Hello. I'm drinking tea right now. Nice chrysanthemum tea. Its really good, although I'm not sure how it compares to Serendipity's English tea, because that tea was really good.

5 Random Things About A Specific Group of People

1. They seem normal until you get to know them, which is when their true nature is revealed.

2. They laugh a lot. Most of them. I'm sure they all have a signature evil cackle. I'll have to ask them about it.

3. They all have their own little quirks(that means characteristics, sort of, right? I hope it does.).

4. One is a velociraptor and one thought that green slushies were radioactive.

5. They don't know what HTML is, and yet they understand the random doodles in my agenda, and add even more doodles that only the SGOP can comprehend.

La la la...

Short Post?

I just went back through my archives. I realize that I've only been posting links(because I was lazy), and that I posted more substantial stuff the first few months. Anyway, I'm going to try and write more about other things now. My favorites from the first month is the Snow White Recette and the Blog Ideas post. :)

Geez. I always get nostalgic about being 10 years old again in the evening. Don't you miss when everyone was all adorable and no one had been corrupted by middle school and all that yet? And now everyone's acting all too-old-for-everything, even if they are wonderfully insane(My friends, anyway. :) ). Well, that's only on some things.

Must go now. Enjoy Monday!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Links - O_O

Here's a link.

Tone Matrix - Draw squares on the grid. Each square sends sound-waves, and as you draw more, the waves kind of bounce back and make music.

They have a bunch of interesting things on that same site. Here are a few more I like. - Original Site - Mariokart. Use the Arrow Keys. You can't actually race, but its still cool. - An image. Then click. Particles. It looks similar to the game, Coign of Vantage. - The people look like those people on the bathroom gender signs. Cute. :D - Lots of circles bumping together, making sounds. :) - I love this. A clock, but the hands are cables. Click! - Drag the ball and rotate the shape with the arrow keys. - Sailboat on the water. Cute, ^^ - Legos. What do you do with them? (Hold space while clicking for blue legos)


Caligraft: Hilos - Its like a font that changes focus when you move the cursor. Type in something, press enter, and move the mouse. You can pick different font things too. (A bunch on the Exhibition page) Also, I found this link from the aM laboratory site, so I'm guessing they have more cool links. :) All the fonts types work differently, though.

FractalFalbet - This one is amazing. How do they come up with these ideas?

You know what? All these sites have cool links. I just clicked on another link on Caligraft, and that one is cool too. So here it is.

TypeTalk - They just keep getting better and better.

Sugar and Spice - All cuss words are translated into nicer words. (9 yr old girl)
Shy Slacker - Punctuation and some words are translated into other words. Ex. ! = dude! (teen boy)
Framcophile - Some words turn into French. :D (french woman)
Cranky Kid - Apparently your words are translated into 5 year old boy language.

I Know What You're Thinking - Ooh. Intriguing. Creepy title. Read description.

Letterscapes -Click a letter and it shows you a letterscape. Click the border to exit the letterscape, and click another letter. My favorite ones are a, k, r, s, v, and w.

Intersection - Cool. Actually read the last few paragraphs! Reminds me of those math problems.

All links below the Caligraft link is from the Caligraft Links section. Those are the ones I thought were the most interesting out of the list.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rustyard and Final Ninja Zero

Final Ninja Zero - The sequel to Final Ninja, except the time period is actually before Final Ninja. 16 levels. I love the first level. :)

Rustyard - This has been out for a while now. Its a little like OneKey because you only use your mouse, and your little robot guy just keeps walking obliviously into walls. So you control the things around him so that he gets to the goal safely and can unplug his head(very cute). Also reminds me of that movie, Wall-E. :D Lots of levels.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Icebreaker: The Red Clan

Another new Nitrome game :D
Its a sequel to Icebreaker.
Icebreaker: The Red Clan - Originally in Icebreaker, all the vikings were blue. Well, now you can help out the red ones too. It's got 40 new levels. Its recommended that you try the original Icebreaker before doing this one, since it starts off with new stuff. Otherwise, it'll be a little overwhelming when you play this game. (It uses 5 things from the original game on the 3rd level without telling you how to use them) I love the hand/rocks. :D

Sunday, March 8, 2009


New Nitrome Game! 6

Glassworks - Climb glass and punch Zamboni-looking monsters with your homemade supergloves!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mirror Image

New Nitrome Game.

Mirror Image - You are a warlock who seems to be unable to walk. To move, you draw lines, and the guy teleports to the other side of the line. At first it's ok, but then the little line that tells you where you'll land goes away, and that's when it gets harder.

Sentences - 3 in one sentences game. A quote is given to you in some way, but you have to either play hangman, unscramble the words, or you are given the first 3 letters of the first word and then try to guess that word (and so on with the next few words). Simple graphics. - Small link to my blog Wordle

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Poll Results #7

Here it is:

What is your top priority this year? Only pick 5 at most!

Be happy
5 (38%)
Be healthy
2 (15%)
Be successful
3 (23%)
Stay in contact with others
4 (30%)
Make more friends
3 (23%)
Make good grades
9 (69%)
Practice more/Work on hobby
7 (53%)
Improve a skill
4 (30%)
Don't get in trouble
2 (15%)
Get in trouble
2 (15%)
Find soul-mate
1 (7%)
Find someone/something(other than soul-mate)
1 (7%)
Stay organized/on schedule
6 (46%)
Make more money
4 (30%)
Make more time
2 (15%)
Get a job
4 (30%)
Fix something
0 (0%)
Find inner peace
0 (0%)
Start something and stay with it
0 (0%)
Volunteer/Help others
1 (7%)
Make the world greener
0 (0%)
Be more social
1 (7%)
0 (0%)
Get something
1 (7%)
Learn to do something
3 (23%)
Other (Whatever you choose, please comment on resolutions post!)
1 (7%)

Of course, a lot of you didn't follow the 5-max thing. *glares*
Making good grades got the most votes with 69% (9 votes).
Then practicing more/working on hobby came next with 53% (7 votes).
Staying organized and on schedule was third with 46% (6 votes).

Be sure to vote on the next poll! (And sorry for being 8 days late!)