Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hugs & Toes

My friend laurapoet just stubbed her toe.

You know, hugs are a great way to greet people and skip the weird part of awkward silence, because its so totally unexpected that you have to have a reaction to it.

Alabaster - New IF by Emily Short and 11 other people. Its a twist on the traditional story of Snow White, and its mostly in dialogue. 18 different endings! Yay!

Listening to: Miss Invisible
Feeling like: Writing a story
Browsing: DeviantArt
Playing: Little Wheel
Discovering that: Sunburns don't just make your skin red
Learning that: putting loud songs after quiet songs are frightening

I love stories. And quizzes. And polls. And humor.


Lily said...

Who gave you an unexpected hug?
OOh! that's the site I always go for short stories!

laurapoet said...

Thats true. I think we should all just give people hugs as greetings. I'll help you w/ your story if you decide to write one! :)

Indigo1928 said...

Lily: Nobody. I just remembered when I was little and as soon as someone came through the door(familiar people), I would crash into them with a hug. Really? I just found it. Did you read Death by Scrabble? I love that one. I also read Professor Panini. :D

Laurapoet: Yeah :D Awesome! I'm still thinking of ideas. It'll be short...That's all I have right now. Be sure to click on the writing link and read some short stories! o_o

Lily said...

Oh lol. I still do that i think :P
No, i haven't read them yet. I'll go and check them out! My favorite of all time is the Lady or the tiger. I think i've told you about that awhile ago...

Nickname unavailable said...

Indigo: I read Death by Scrabble, and I liked it, but i didn't think it was all that good. I mean, why did he hate his wife so much? I did like how the main character chewed on the scrabble pieces though. LOL :)

Lily: Hiiiii!!!!!! *gives a really big hug*

Lily said...

HI!!!! *hugs back* I haven't seen you in awhile :(

Indigo1928 said...

"Nickname unavailable": Ah. Yeah, I didn't get that too much either. But I love the idea of how the scrabble caused things to happen. :D