Sunday, August 30, 2009


Wow, high school is busy. I hadn't touched the computer all week until yesterday because I was doing homework(geometry especially). We get so much homework! And even once you finish everything due the next day, there's still more you can do like do the homework for the day after that or something. And I can't decide whether I should lighten the load for tomorrow or work on my idea for the directory contest thing.

I'm actually using my agenda for once, too. Art is really fun, and since I have it every afternoon, it's something to look forward to. :D

So, I am thinking of compiling all of my Spanish notes into one word document so that I can use it in case I forget some old vocabulary or grammar. There's a lot of notes though...

Well, my schedule in the previous post completely failed. Homework takes more than just two hours.

This is really weird. I thought I would go on ranting about high school, but all I have to say is that there's a lot of homework. Lunch is great, since we get to eat in places other than the lunchroom.

The bus is really nice in the morning. It's all still dark and everyone is quiet or reading or listening to music. And the sun slowly comes up and you have another thirty minutes to prepare for school. Also, I can never see the sun on the bus. I can see red and orange hues coming from one area, but it's never there!

And the title is green because I'm wearing green right now and I couldn't think of another title at the time that I felt like typing.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, I have gotten my schedule for school and it's pretty good. My only complaints would be that I have Geometry every morning, and Ceramics is before Drawing, which is like a tranference from messy... to mostly clean. Well, I have decided that I will make a schedule for the rest of my short summer and for school.

So far it's just been: Sleep-computer-eat-computer-eat-sleep. But now I will elaborate and add more constructive things to my day. It's mostly because even though high school is exciting and all, it also means chinese school will start again soon, and that's such a pain. T_T

So! I will take action. Here is my schedule.

Summer Schedule
7:30am - Wake up
8:00am - Eat breakfast
8:10am - Morning routine of link checking
9:00am - Do whatever you want!
10:00am - Do whatever you want!
11:00am - Do whatever you want!
12:00pm - Do whatever you want!
1:00pm - Do whatever you want!
2:00pm - Do whatever you want!
3:00pm - Do whatever you want!
3:30pm - Study chinese
4:00pm - Do whatever you want!
5:00pm - Do whatever you want!
6:00pm - Do whatever you want!
7:00pm - Eat dinner
8:00pm - Do whatever you want!
9:00pm - Do whatever you want!
10:00pm - Do whatever you want!
11:00pm - Sleep
12:00am - Sleep
1:00am - Sleep
2:00am - Sleep

3:00am - Sleep
4:00am - Sleep
5:00am - Sleep
6:00am - Sleep
7:00am - Sleep

It's hourly. Yay! I know I could conserve space by deleting all my sleeping, but this way is more fun. As you can see, I have a lot of time to do whatever I want. Therefore, I have 2 rules.

Rule #1. Somehow implement 30 minutes of drawing, eating lunch, and basic necessities into your time of doing whatever you want.

Rule #2. You can study chinese for 30 minutes earlier anytime if you want, but by 3:30pm, if you haven't studied, you better do it now. >:(

And now for my school schedule.

School Schedule
5:30am - Wake up & do basic necessities
6:10am - Eat
6:25am - Drive to bus stop
6:39am - Bus leaves
6:45am - Check you have everything, find a bus buddy, and sleep?
7:55am - School starts
8:00am - School
9:00am - School
10:00am - School
11:00am - School
11:50pm - Lunch
12:30pm - School
1:00pm - School
2:00pm - School
3:00pm - School
3:35pm - School ends
3:48pm - Bus leaves
4:00pm - Maybe at home?
5:00pm - Do HW
6:00pm - Do HW
7:00pm - Eat dinner
8:00pm - Study Chinese
8:30pm - Do whatever you want!
9:00pm - Do whatever you want!
10:00pm - Sleep

I could try to sleep at 9, but I don't think that's possible. I'm still trying to adjust from my nocturnal sleeping schedule. And even though the hourly schedule is fun, I do want to conserve at least a little bit more space, so I didn't add sleeping 20 times. @_@

Now compare: Too much time vs. Too little time

On another subject, Nitrome has a new game. Nitrome updates so frequently, and sometimes they update before I want to do a blog post. And I feel like adding a post just for one teensy little link to a game-updating-machine is too many posts of non-thinking? So, I just added a little text thing over on the left side which will be for all those little game updates that come often enough to not include in the links page or as a post. I'm not sure how to explain it so that you don't have to reread that sentence. However, there is one link that's pretty cool, which I will include here:

Q-BLOCK - Have you ever heard of pixel art? This is just like pixel art, except it's 3D(none of that isometric stuff) and you can rotate it around, export it, or use it as your desktop wallpaper. Isn't that cool? It's like legos, but neater and square.

Ok. I'm already 25 minutes late on my schedule, so the post ends here.
I would like to add more statistics on my schedules though. Statistics make me happy. :D
But I won't. Ok, good bye!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


You must listen to Lost My Pieces.

It's a sad song, although not the kind that brings you into deep depression. Since it's only instrumental, would it count as classical music?

It's from Toradora. Have you ever watched Toradora? It's an anime. I was in an anime phase two years ago, when I first discovered anime. For a while, I forgot about it, and then a friend got me into watching Toradora, and I am once again in an anime phase. I don't watch anime that much though. I must say, I think the end-ish part of episode 19 of Toradora is the most moving episode of anime in the history of anime I will ever watch. Even though I suppose it is sappy... It's also the best, by the way. So, onto other things.

I'm curious about how many people actually read my blog. I know there aren't many, because I'll be happy with just five who check it once in a while. I also wonder which of you I know, and which of you I don't.

Don't you think its strange, how you could be completely different because of one small little action? If you befriended one group of people rather than another, future you might have different interests. You could have walked right past your possible-best-friend-for-life-if-you-had-only-poked-them-in-the-shoulder 5 times a week. And it's like all your chances in life are piled up, and every second a bunch of them gets crossed off. Somewhat like:

stared at computer screen -0.0001 vision
spilled defected juice -1 week of stomach turning

sent letter to law school -1 chance of musical child prodigy
ate pocky +2 minutes of satisfied stomach
lent pencil to student +1 angry teacher
did not call classmate -1 chance of turning in correct assignment
responded "oh." +1 friend for life

Alrighty then.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Week 339

Week 339

Taxman :: Taxes
Material :: Fabric
Format :: Graph
File cabinet :: Files
Ignore :: Guinness
Super! :: Power
Fireproof :: Firewall
Blockbuster :: Movies
Snooper :: Snoopy
Good will :: Charity

from lunanina

good morning

Do you have any idea how happy you feel when you wake up at 7:55 after countless weeks of waking up in the afternoon?

Just yesterday, I fell asleep at 4:00 in the morning, and woke up at 4:00 in the afternoon. Since I had never woken up so late, I decided that I would sleep by 12:00 that day, and I was just one hour over.

You know how sometimes you're dreaming, and then you consciously turn around and fall back to sleep 5 times? And then by the 6th time, you realize that you can't get back to the dream and open your eyes? That's pretty much what happened to me this morning, except I had accumilated a big pile of fluffy comforter near my head and so every time I turned around in one direction, POOF! Since this seems to encourage sleep, it took about 7 times of turning around before I noticed that the alarm clock hadn't run yet. So I turn around and look at my cell phone and it says-


-in big white letters. It's a little strange how I went over the needed 9 hours of sleep by 3 hours yesterday, and then I wake up within 7 hours today and am 3 hours earlier than I expected to wake up.

So yeah. I just wanted to tell you how collected comforter feels like fluffy clouds.

Also, I'm a little bored with the default black and white text in my posts, so I changed the colors of every number, according to how I associate them with colors. It's not very exact though. If it looks like sky blue, I just mean that the number reminds me of some type of blue. I didn't change the giant 7:55 though, because it's already easy to see. I also wanted to change the alignment of the text, so I did that to. It looks weird. It feels a bit like you reversed the gravity on your computer, or when you flip the desktop upside-down and you're trying to get it back to normal.

I just found a useful Wikipedia entry. You probably knew that
would take a screenshot of your screen. But did you know that if you add
then it would take a screenshot of just the current browser that you were using? I thought that was cool. And I finally found out what the keys,
is supposed to get you to the beginning of the line of text.
is supposed to bring you to the end of your line of text.
And all along I thought they would bring me to my homepage or close my browser. I've used the keys by mistake a bunch of times though. Like the
key, which after a while, I realized toggled the thing where every key you press replaces the next letter that appears.
And I've always used
and the arrow keys to highlight text, but if you use it with
you can highlight whole lines of text!

Isn't that cool?

This post might look a little confusing because of the funky format, but I like that because it's different. And different posts are fun to look at. Even though this isn't as fun to look at as I was hoping for. And I don't want it to become too chaotic, because then I'll be the only one who'll be able to read it.

In other news,
My alarm just rang! :D

How was your morning?