Tuesday, May 5, 2009

(sahl-min) Salmon (sam-en)

Hello. Well, I added something new under the poll. I made it with HTML, :D.
I just felt like adding something different to it. Also, if you press the button, nothing much happens. It doesn't save or send whatever's in the text box. So no worries. :)

I've been feeling like I need to do a lot of things differently. I'm bored of everything being the same. Same uniform every day, same food, same schedule, same blog stuff, same links, even the same music. So I'm just trying to do more things differently. Just the small things though. Like wearing a ponytail, making changes to my blog, or eat homemade beef jerky in different flavours. I'm probably going to change the radio station to some other random one I've never listened to. Maybe I'll do a different kind of post sometime. Also, about the title. The first word is how I pronounce salmon. The third word is the correct way to say it, according to my friend laurapoet. o_o

I also feel like starting something, such as a sort-of big project. Maybe bind a book using an accordion fold(which I've never done before), or a new blog. I'm definately not stopping this blog if I do though, I just want something to be excited about. And geez, I still don't know how to spell "definately" properly. It just never looks right.

Definately (Definately)
Disappear (Dissapear)

See, the stuff in parentheses is what I usually type, and the word on the left is what I think it's actually spelled. I think when I say new blog, I mean just make a new topic or a new layout of my own.

I actually wanted to make this post hot pink, mostly because I don't like associating myself with pink in any way, even though its a nice color. Also, because hot pink is bright and very different from the color scheme on my blog. Unfortunately, they don't have hot pink on the list of color choices, and I don't feel like changing the html because now I realize that that much hot pink will make you cry. So I settled with boring slate blue, because its a pretty color. :/ :)

Wait, nevermind. I found a salmon color, yay! Now it alternates, since I can't decide which I like more.

And happy cinco de mayo!


laurapoet said...

I love your blog post. It's so...YOU. You should do more like it. I'm glad we're both posting more. Also i think its absolutely amazing what you can do with HTML (even though you don't think its that spectacular) and you are an awesome person and I hope someday people will recognize you for the interesting and artistic artist I know. Keep it up!

haha artistic artist :P

Indigo1928 said...

:D :D :D :D
I love it when someone describes things as "so...YOU!" because its the perfect adjective. Maybe I'll write a post about that.
Yeah. We need to continue posting more! And when you post, that'll give me inspiration to post a a new post. :D