Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I changed my blog a little bit yesterday, so now it looks better! Now most of the pictures and extras are on the left, and all the links and wordy stuff is on the right. I also finally found a place to put my "About Me" instead of that place in the middle that wasn't completely the middle even though I tried to center everything.

Anyway, here are screenshots of before and after.


Also, there's new Nitrome game(sequel to Twin Shot). - But now they have 50 levels extra for people who buy them. Which is kind of sad because then they might continue doing that for all their future games and pretty soon we'll only have 10 free levels. I hope that won't happen.
And I think I forgot to tell you about Parasite too, which relates very much to the title. You get to take over flying kittens, boars, and a few other creatures to help you get to your destination. They also turn green and drooly when you control them.

Week 338

Banter :: Canter
Amazing :: Blazing
Towel :: Duck
Cinema :: Popcorn
Newspaper :: Gray
Not good :: Grey
My type :: Cloud
Twinkle :: Stars
Actress :: Actor
Daft :: Draft


Lily said...

I love the changes! :P It's very perdy. but it's not really fish-bowl-y now. =/
AHHH!!! I need to check on nitrome more...:( Parasite was awesome. I think it's my favorite one so far...I love it! even with the drool and all. :P

Indigo1928 said...

Thanks :) Was it fish-bowly before? @_@ I changed all the colors and so it should've been more fishy since now its all blue and green. I wanted to search for a nice fish picture, but I was afraid of copyright issues. :D
Haha, yeah. I love the sloshiness of the squid.

Elanor said...

Awesome! I love your new look! :D I think the picture looks very fish-bowly -- like the plants at the bottom of the bowl.

Yea, I agree, I really hope nitrome doesn't continue with these "buy 50 more levels" packs -- though i can understand why they would do it...

parasite rocks! the sloths are awesome once invaded, tho i do like the flying cats. :D