Saturday, August 1, 2009

good morning

Do you have any idea how happy you feel when you wake up at 7:55 after countless weeks of waking up in the afternoon?

Just yesterday, I fell asleep at 4:00 in the morning, and woke up at 4:00 in the afternoon. Since I had never woken up so late, I decided that I would sleep by 12:00 that day, and I was just one hour over.

You know how sometimes you're dreaming, and then you consciously turn around and fall back to sleep 5 times? And then by the 6th time, you realize that you can't get back to the dream and open your eyes? That's pretty much what happened to me this morning, except I had accumilated a big pile of fluffy comforter near my head and so every time I turned around in one direction, POOF! Since this seems to encourage sleep, it took about 7 times of turning around before I noticed that the alarm clock hadn't run yet. So I turn around and look at my cell phone and it says-


-in big white letters. It's a little strange how I went over the needed 9 hours of sleep by 3 hours yesterday, and then I wake up within 7 hours today and am 3 hours earlier than I expected to wake up.

So yeah. I just wanted to tell you how collected comforter feels like fluffy clouds.

Also, I'm a little bored with the default black and white text in my posts, so I changed the colors of every number, according to how I associate them with colors. It's not very exact though. If it looks like sky blue, I just mean that the number reminds me of some type of blue. I didn't change the giant 7:55 though, because it's already easy to see. I also wanted to change the alignment of the text, so I did that to. It looks weird. It feels a bit like you reversed the gravity on your computer, or when you flip the desktop upside-down and you're trying to get it back to normal.

I just found a useful Wikipedia entry. You probably knew that
would take a screenshot of your screen. But did you know that if you add
then it would take a screenshot of just the current browser that you were using? I thought that was cool. And I finally found out what the keys,
is supposed to get you to the beginning of the line of text.
is supposed to bring you to the end of your line of text.
And all along I thought they would bring me to my homepage or close my browser. I've used the keys by mistake a bunch of times though. Like the
key, which after a while, I realized toggled the thing where every key you press replaces the next letter that appears.
And I've always used
and the arrow keys to highlight text, but if you use it with
you can highlight whole lines of text!

Isn't that cool?

This post might look a little confusing because of the funky format, but I like that because it's different. And different posts are fun to look at. Even though this isn't as fun to look at as I was hoping for. And I don't want it to become too chaotic, because then I'll be the only one who'll be able to read it.

In other news,
My alarm just rang! :D

How was your morning?

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Lily said...

YAY! You finally went to sleep early! Sort of. :D