Saturday, December 24, 2011

Apple Cider

Last night I checked the date right before going to sleep, and the computer said it was Sunday, December 24th, and I thought, "WHAT? If today is Christmas Eve, then tomorrow is Christmas Day, which is really when Christmas will be over! And why didn't anyone tell me?" (and why didn't I notice a christmas google logo and why didn't msn advertise its annual last-minute christmas shopping themed article and santa-tracking thing on their daily slideshow?) And I didn't even get to enjoy it like I normally would have. D: It was also horrible because it was really late so I had to go and wrap all my presents and  put them under the tree and figure out a way to sneak out some of those ribbon bow things that you stick on top from a crumply plastic bag thing and do that all without letting my parents hear, because that would just ruin the hey-when-did-that-happen feeling even if it was obvious that it must have happened whenever. The gift wrap was extremely loud, and I kept dropping things like paper bags while adding last minute stuff. Also, if you have not experienced this before, one of the most annoying things to do quietly is to try to take something out of a crumpled up plastic bag that is in another plastic bag that is tied and rolled up under a giant bear in a closet.

Anyway, at the time I'd just forgotten that it was that really-late-at-night time that's really just the early morning of the next day, which was Christmas Eve. So that meant that if I went to sleep and woke up in the afternoon, it would still be Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day, and I thought I had figured that all out in my head but for some reason I hadn't and instead I kept thinking that I totally forgot that the night of Christmas Eve was really the day for celebrating, not the day of Christmas day, and I was like, ugh, if I were still a kid I would have totally remembered that. 

So wrapping and adding stuff took longer than I thought because I had to do everything really slowly to minimize the sound (although now I think that just made everything louder) and the next time I looked out the window it was morning. That was also disappointing because I was unable to sleep and pretend to wake up Christmas morning like I had just gotten a full 9 hours of sleep and instead I had to just transition into Christmas morning without the hey-I-just-woke-up-and-it's-Christmas feeling. And then since it was still sort of too early to be awake I decided to just sleep for a few hours and set a bunch of alarms which I later ignored. Then I woke up in the afternoon and found out it was really Christmas Eve and then I had a great day.

There really wasn't much of a point to this story actually. I just felt like posting. Here's a song:

Carol of the Bells by George Winston - Hey, on youtube the little circle that moves along the loading bar as the video plays is no longer just a circle but a snowflake covered up by a circle! It looks nice but kind of weird once you realize that it really doesn't look very much like a snowflake at all even though it instantly reminds you of one. Anyway, this is the best version of Carol of the Bells that I know of. The whole thing is piano. If I could have it as my alarm, I would, because it wakes you up even if you don't really feel like waking up. It's like the music clears your head and makes it work because your head wants to listen to it and make sense of it even if you want to keep sleeping. It reminds me of giant dewdrops dropping on piano keys. Anyway, my friend played this over the phone sometimes when she called me in the mornings to carpool to school and it worked surprisingly well in waking me up.

Anyway, merry Christmas Eve! Apple cider would be nice right now but I don't have any, which is ok because I'll just go get some hot chocolate instead. :D