Friday, February 13, 2009

Mirror Image

New Nitrome Game.

Mirror Image - You are a warlock who seems to be unable to walk. To move, you draw lines, and the guy teleports to the other side of the line. At first it's ok, but then the little line that tells you where you'll land goes away, and that's when it gets harder.

Sentences - 3 in one sentences game. A quote is given to you in some way, but you have to either play hangman, unscramble the words, or you are given the first 3 letters of the first word and then try to guess that word (and so on with the next few words). Simple graphics. - Small link to my blog Wordle

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Poll Results #7

Here it is:

What is your top priority this year? Only pick 5 at most!

Be happy
5 (38%)
Be healthy
2 (15%)
Be successful
3 (23%)
Stay in contact with others
4 (30%)
Make more friends
3 (23%)
Make good grades
9 (69%)
Practice more/Work on hobby
7 (53%)
Improve a skill
4 (30%)
Don't get in trouble
2 (15%)
Get in trouble
2 (15%)
Find soul-mate
1 (7%)
Find someone/something(other than soul-mate)
1 (7%)
Stay organized/on schedule
6 (46%)
Make more money
4 (30%)
Make more time
2 (15%)
Get a job
4 (30%)
Fix something
0 (0%)
Find inner peace
0 (0%)
Start something and stay with it
0 (0%)
Volunteer/Help others
1 (7%)
Make the world greener
0 (0%)
Be more social
1 (7%)
0 (0%)
Get something
1 (7%)
Learn to do something
3 (23%)
Other (Whatever you choose, please comment on resolutions post!)
1 (7%)

Of course, a lot of you didn't follow the 5-max thing. *glares*
Making good grades got the most votes with 69% (9 votes).
Then practicing more/working on hobby came next with 53% (7 votes).
Staying organized and on schedule was third with 46% (6 votes).

Be sure to vote on the next poll! (And sorry for being 8 days late!)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Twin Shot

"Oh my god, they're jello-kittens!"
"Jello-kittens? Gosh, someone over there must really like cats."
"Oh. Oh, yeah! I love the music!"
"Wait, does it use arrow keys?"
"And no mouse or anything?"
"Hold on, going there..What's it called?"
"Twin Shot. It has a 2-player mode. You shoot these arrows to kill monsters and when an arrow hits a wall, it sticks out so that you can stand on it and stuff. The cat looks so cute when it jumps."
"Oh! I see it!"
"The background is kind of Greek-like."
"Ok. Oh, he looks so cute when he flies!"
"I know!"
"Whoa! Ah- Darn. I keep jumping on them."
"Haha. Oh, there's flying bunnies! And weird slimey blobs."
"Oh, this is cool! Hey, what level are you on?"
"Uh..eight, I think."
"Cool. I'm getting to level five. What are those things? Ah! Oh my god, they jump!"
"Oh yeah, those. Those are so annoying."
"Hey, I'll chat with you on messenger, ok?"
"Ok, bye!"

Here is the link:

Small Insignificant Note: I beat Thin Ice a while ago, so it's no longer forever stuck on level 39. I also finished the last level of Twin Shot just now, so I'm going to go finish reading The Goose Girl for the 6th time. It's the best book ever, you know. Anyone a fan of Shannon Hale?

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tonypa and a Stop-Motion Short

Ooh! A new games website. Kinda like Nitrome, since it only shows the games they make. (Not the same style though. This one kinda focuses on simple idea.)
Tonypa - Cool animation, nice ideas. :) Try it. Clean, simple looking.

Also, a stop-motion movie I found. Click to go to the link.

Suspended time from Jean-Sebastien Monzani on Vimeo.