Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ooba Glooba, Little Bees

How do you think aliens sound?
I picture green gloopy aliens with one eye and three tentacles and an O shaped mouth. And they have three fingers with little whatever-those-things-are that octopus have on their arms. They have an eggplant shaped body, move slow and go "ooba glooba".

I am reading Little Bee right now, for summer reading. I am also halfway through "Something Wicked This Way Comes" which I always think is "Something Wicked Comes Along". Jane Eyre is the most dreaded book at the moment, since its definately the longest and most boring book I chose off the list. The other books are about teenagers salvaged for their body parts, two-faced circuses that change overnight, and a book that is so special that it doesn't have a very resourceful summary(although intriguing, somewhat) and supposedly has a horrific beach scene that I have yet to read.

Little Bee is much better than I expected. I love the narrative of Little Bee, but I don't really like how it changes from her POV to the woman-who's-got-a-kid-obsessed-with-batman in every other chapter. LB's commentary and descriptions are much more interesting than the other person's. I was interested in the book when I read the summary, but then I thought, oh no, it must be one of those books that have intriguing summaries but lack of substance. And then I got the book and it was just beautiful. I figured that a book with font as wonderful as that and with such a nice summary-area on the inside cover had to be good. I judge books by the cover a lot, even though I'm not supposed to, but when you compare The Goose Girl and Treasure Island, well...

The Goose Girl - Best book ever, BEST COVER EVER!!
Treasure Island - Boring. Ew Cover.

The Goose Girl's original cover, I mean. The new one is too modernized and doesn't look like Ani/Isi at all, to me.

Anyway, I found this nice word game. Try it out:

And Nitrome has 2 new games:
Castle Corp
Double Edged

And, Incredibots now has an Incredibots 2. It's just really slow.

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