Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Quizzes!

Oh wonderful.

Apparently, if eaten, I would taste like barbequed tofu.

Anyway, I was browsing the quizzes on oneplusyou(Remember that post I made on those quizzes? No?) and I found another site with quizzes, although not many. It's called RecipeStar, and it seems to specialize in food. I think it was created by the same people who made the OnePlusYou quizzes.

The quizzes can be found here:

My favorite is of course, "How long would you survive trapped in your kitchen freezer?"
I would survive for 7 hours. Couldn't you just push open the door though?
I am also moderately experienced in the foods of the world.
My steak knowledge score is 37%, and I'm 44% addicted to bacon.

And this is kind of cool.


Lily said...

Refrigerators are designed to open only one way, so the stuff wouldn't fall out of the fridge. :) So you would be trapped unless someone opens it for you.

laurapoet said...

woa!! u changed the top of ur blog thingy! yay! ps. check out my post, its probably one of the only times u'll be hearing from me on the internet

Indigo1928 said...

@Lily: Oh. Whoa. But how does it work? Cause if I can pull it from outside, can't I push it from the inside?
Is the fridge soundproof? o_o

@laurapoet: Yep, but not just the top. I changed the columns so its fatter now, and all the colors and a bunch of stuff. :D Okie dokes.

Lily said...

errr...I am not sure if it's soundproof...but it has something to do with the rubber thingie. O,o

apparently, i would taste like undercooked tofu.