Monday, April 27, 2009


Vectorpark is awesome. You have to try it. Its a website with a variety of interactive vector stuff. Its got crazy ideas. Everything is so simple looking and amazing with its animation and sounds and everything. I found this a while ago, I can't believe I forgot to add it to my Links list. Its now on the list, by the way. You can interact with almost everything. And you can click, drag, prod, or just hold-click, and it'll do something. The animation is cute too.

Well, they came up with a new game (except this one, you have to download. But it works on Macs too! And its $3 for the full thing. But it's not those stupid ones where you're only on the 2nd level and it makes you pay. Its just plain perfect.) It's called Windosill.

My favorite games on Vectorpark are Feed the Head, Windosill, and the one with the tri-legged creatures(Acrobots).

With Feed the Head, you don't really know when it ends. It feels like it can't go on even further, but it can. Have you gotten to the part where the head jumps over the bar stuff? I love his nose. Pull it off. Do it again. I love the trunk nose too. Give it a ball, and it'll take it with its trunk and eat it. (O_o) Different things that the Head eats causes different things. Yawning is key...

Windosill is cute. I love the first scene. For some reason, one of my favorite parts is dragging the little tree and watching it bob up and down. My actual favorite, though, is the bird scene. When you feed it the worm. And don't let go. Nothing happens, its just so cute. The puzzles are the perfect difficulty. No instructions just makes the whole thing better.

Just click it. I'm 90% sure you'll love it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Guess What?

I'm making a post. :)

Well, two things.

One. I have a list of people who seem interesting, and seem like they would be fun to be friends with. These people aren't really even friends at all. They're just classmates, people that sit with us at lunch sometimes, etc. Ryewanda? - Bam. First letters of their first names. Not all of them are names though. I needed to add some to make it readable. Even the question mark means something! (pretty much someone I don't know the name of?) Of course, people in book and movies are in a separate list of interesting-people. Peter Pan, as one example. Or the characters in the Goose Girl. And Harry Potter, of course. Who doesn't want to meet the quirky people in that book?

Two. My playlist. I always have it on. Usually I repeat new songs that I add over and over again, because the old ones just get old. Anyway, I'm usually doing something when music is playing. So everytime I hear the song, it reminds me of what I was doing when listening to it. Breathe by Michelle Branch reminds me of the green monster guy from Jack Frost that I was making. This other song on Lily's playlist reminds me of Pokemon (of all things) because it was always playing in the car when I was playing pokemon.

Well. That was fun. Now I'm going to go and do more online-reading.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Power Up

A new Nitrome game, and just in time for Earth Day, :)

Power Up - Connect the blocks and so the electricitycan pass through. Physics! It has an awesome menu. Drag and drop the blocks that spell out the title of the game there. I think the blocks are a little too unstable though...

Happy Earth Day!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Hello. I'm drinking tea right now. Nice chrysanthemum tea. Its really good, although I'm not sure how it compares to Serendipity's English tea, because that tea was really good.

5 Random Things About A Specific Group of People

1. They seem normal until you get to know them, which is when their true nature is revealed.

2. They laugh a lot. Most of them. I'm sure they all have a signature evil cackle. I'll have to ask them about it.

3. They all have their own little quirks(that means characteristics, sort of, right? I hope it does.).

4. One is a velociraptor and one thought that green slushies were radioactive.

5. They don't know what HTML is, and yet they understand the random doodles in my agenda, and add even more doodles that only the SGOP can comprehend.

La la la...

Short Post?

I just went back through my archives. I realize that I've only been posting links(because I was lazy), and that I posted more substantial stuff the first few months. Anyway, I'm going to try and write more about other things now. My favorites from the first month is the Snow White Recette and the Blog Ideas post. :)

Geez. I always get nostalgic about being 10 years old again in the evening. Don't you miss when everyone was all adorable and no one had been corrupted by middle school and all that yet? And now everyone's acting all too-old-for-everything, even if they are wonderfully insane(My friends, anyway. :) ). Well, that's only on some things.

Must go now. Enjoy Monday!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Links - O_O

Here's a link.

Tone Matrix - Draw squares on the grid. Each square sends sound-waves, and as you draw more, the waves kind of bounce back and make music.

They have a bunch of interesting things on that same site. Here are a few more I like. - Original Site - Mariokart. Use the Arrow Keys. You can't actually race, but its still cool. - An image. Then click. Particles. It looks similar to the game, Coign of Vantage. - The people look like those people on the bathroom gender signs. Cute. :D - Lots of circles bumping together, making sounds. :) - I love this. A clock, but the hands are cables. Click! - Drag the ball and rotate the shape with the arrow keys. - Sailboat on the water. Cute, ^^ - Legos. What do you do with them? (Hold space while clicking for blue legos)


Caligraft: Hilos - Its like a font that changes focus when you move the cursor. Type in something, press enter, and move the mouse. You can pick different font things too. (A bunch on the Exhibition page) Also, I found this link from the aM laboratory site, so I'm guessing they have more cool links. :) All the fonts types work differently, though.

FractalFalbet - This one is amazing. How do they come up with these ideas?

You know what? All these sites have cool links. I just clicked on another link on Caligraft, and that one is cool too. So here it is.

TypeTalk - They just keep getting better and better.

Sugar and Spice - All cuss words are translated into nicer words. (9 yr old girl)
Shy Slacker - Punctuation and some words are translated into other words. Ex. ! = dude! (teen boy)
Framcophile - Some words turn into French. :D (french woman)
Cranky Kid - Apparently your words are translated into 5 year old boy language.

I Know What You're Thinking - Ooh. Intriguing. Creepy title. Read description.

Letterscapes -Click a letter and it shows you a letterscape. Click the border to exit the letterscape, and click another letter. My favorite ones are a, k, r, s, v, and w.

Intersection - Cool. Actually read the last few paragraphs! Reminds me of those math problems.

All links below the Caligraft link is from the Caligraft Links section. Those are the ones I thought were the most interesting out of the list.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rustyard and Final Ninja Zero

Final Ninja Zero - The sequel to Final Ninja, except the time period is actually before Final Ninja. 16 levels. I love the first level. :)

Rustyard - This has been out for a while now. Its a little like OneKey because you only use your mouse, and your little robot guy just keeps walking obliviously into walls. So you control the things around him so that he gets to the goal safely and can unplug his head(very cute). Also reminds me of that movie, Wall-E. :D Lots of levels.