Monday, July 6, 2009


I just found an interesting site full of design ideas.

The designs range from urban art, clothing, interior, illusions, and random miscellaneous things.

So far, I've seen a 120 zipper dress, shredded tax papers dress, color pencil shoes, a toothbrush with a dent that lets you rinse, heat activated wallpaper, life-sized dollhouse, a pen that scans a color and lets your draw with it, and an art student that decided to live in an elevator one day.

So here are some links! - Miniature hand-painted people in London. Quote from dornob: "Sometimes they are slain by forces of the larger world and at other times these tiny individuals take advantage of their surroundings." - 120 zipper dress - Living in an elevator - Scan and draw - Interior rain with handcrafted raindrops strung together - A room covered in white paper(post-it notes?). - Napkin Notebook - Faceless Wristwatch - These people camouflage themselves in a store by covering themselves with binders, boxes, and bags. I think the video is hilarious. Heat activated paint on wallpaper, calendars, and other things.


Lily said...

Awesome website! I still don't know how you find these things!
The wallpaper would be so wonderful! Did you see the "invisible" car? It was amazing.

Indigo1928 said...

Oh yeah, haha :D
I know! I totally want that wallpaper!