Sunday, April 12, 2009

Links - O_O

Here's a link.

Tone Matrix - Draw squares on the grid. Each square sends sound-waves, and as you draw more, the waves kind of bounce back and make music.

They have a bunch of interesting things on that same site. Here are a few more I like. - Original Site - Mariokart. Use the Arrow Keys. You can't actually race, but its still cool. - An image. Then click. Particles. It looks similar to the game, Coign of Vantage. - The people look like those people on the bathroom gender signs. Cute. :D - Lots of circles bumping together, making sounds. :) - I love this. A clock, but the hands are cables. Click! - Drag the ball and rotate the shape with the arrow keys. - Sailboat on the water. Cute, ^^ - Legos. What do you do with them? (Hold space while clicking for blue legos)


Caligraft: Hilos - Its like a font that changes focus when you move the cursor. Type in something, press enter, and move the mouse. You can pick different font things too. (A bunch on the Exhibition page) Also, I found this link from the aM laboratory site, so I'm guessing they have more cool links. :) All the fonts types work differently, though.

FractalFalbet - This one is amazing. How do they come up with these ideas?

You know what? All these sites have cool links. I just clicked on another link on Caligraft, and that one is cool too. So here it is.

TypeTalk - They just keep getting better and better.

Sugar and Spice - All cuss words are translated into nicer words. (9 yr old girl)
Shy Slacker - Punctuation and some words are translated into other words. Ex. ! = dude! (teen boy)
Framcophile - Some words turn into French. :D (french woman)
Cranky Kid - Apparently your words are translated into 5 year old boy language.

I Know What You're Thinking - Ooh. Intriguing. Creepy title. Read description.

Letterscapes -Click a letter and it shows you a letterscape. Click the border to exit the letterscape, and click another letter. My favorite ones are a, k, r, s, v, and w.

Intersection - Cool. Actually read the last few paragraphs! Reminds me of those math problems.

All links below the Caligraft link is from the Caligraft Links section. Those are the ones I thought were the most interesting out of the list.


Lily said...

awesome links! I love the Typetalk one ;p

Indigo1928 said...

Haha, same here. Shy Slacker is my favorite one. :D

Lily said...

lol, but the children talk one is cute too