Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have 86 songs on my playlist. The first 30 have pretty much gotten old. And 86 isn't really that many. I automatically start with one of the last 6 songs. I started my playlist last year, I think.

Anyway, amazingly, some songs haven't gotten old to me yet. Here's a list.

#11 Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson - I listened to that song repeatedly on YouTube for 3 months. And then I got sick of it. But if I happen to come by it on my playlist, I still like to listen to it. Its also #60 because I couldn't find it once and thought it wasn't on my playlist.

#36 Listen to Your Heart by DHT - I just like it.

#51 Miss Invisible by Marie Digby - It's a pretty song. I love turning it up high because it sort of echoes. :) It's a sad song, but it makes you feel content and almost happy. And not in a sadistic way.

#57 Breathe by Michelle Branch - Awesome song. Totally reminds me of sepia. I like the music video too.

#82 Her Morning Elegance by Oren Lavie - It's fairly new. I first heard it when laurapoet showed me a stop-motion clip on YouTube with this as the song. It's an awesome video, by the way. Go check it out. (keywords: her morning elegance)

And my favorite and newest song at the moment:

#86 Run, Don't Walk by Hey Monday - The voice is awesome. I stole it from Lily's playlist. :)

I love happy songs. I love sad songs too. Don't your favorite songs just make you feel much better?
Mostly, I find songs is through radio stations, stores, and commercials. So the songs are a little limited...Any suggestions? :/


Elanor said...

Thanks for posting this! You've introduced me to some new songs -- I tend to get stuck in musical ruts (same thing over and over, until something else catches my attention) and this introduced me to some new music! As for music suggestions...I'll have to think about it. :D

Elanor said...

oh I thought of two -- Slipping Away and Love Should, both by Moby.

Foxlady1209 said...

Hi! your blog's so funny! I love that button that says *poke* ow ^.^