Thursday, August 6, 2009


You must listen to Lost My Pieces.

It's a sad song, although not the kind that brings you into deep depression. Since it's only instrumental, would it count as classical music?

It's from Toradora. Have you ever watched Toradora? It's an anime. I was in an anime phase two years ago, when I first discovered anime. For a while, I forgot about it, and then a friend got me into watching Toradora, and I am once again in an anime phase. I don't watch anime that much though. I must say, I think the end-ish part of episode 19 of Toradora is the most moving episode of anime in the history of anime I will ever watch. Even though I suppose it is sappy... It's also the best, by the way. So, onto other things.

I'm curious about how many people actually read my blog. I know there aren't many, because I'll be happy with just five who check it once in a while. I also wonder which of you I know, and which of you I don't.

Don't you think its strange, how you could be completely different because of one small little action? If you befriended one group of people rather than another, future you might have different interests. You could have walked right past your possible-best-friend-for-life-if-you-had-only-poked-them-in-the-shoulder 5 times a week. And it's like all your chances in life are piled up, and every second a bunch of them gets crossed off. Somewhat like:

stared at computer screen -0.0001 vision
spilled defected juice -1 week of stomach turning

sent letter to law school -1 chance of musical child prodigy
ate pocky +2 minutes of satisfied stomach
lent pencil to student +1 angry teacher
did not call classmate -1 chance of turning in correct assignment
responded "oh." +1 friend for life

Alrighty then.


laurapoet said...

Wow, that is a really cool way to think about life. Although, you wouldn't want to think like that all the time cause' you might get depressed. For instance "If I had never done that mean thing to that person than I wouldn't have bullies ganging up on me." or something along those lines. :P I really liked:

"answered oh + 1 new friend"

and I also liked how you ended it in "alright then."

Elanor said...

Wow...that's a really beautiful song. (I had to watch some of the first episode on YouTube - never really seen any anime, but i'm gonna try to watch the rest! the story's got me hooked already.)

I would venture a guess that at least three people read your blog, based on the poll votes -- laurapoet, me, and maybe someone else? :D and I know we don't know each other, tho from your blog, you sound like someone I could be friends with. :D

I've thought about that before, how one moment can change the whole course of history -- personal or universal -- and it's kinda scary when you think about it! What if you do something that messes up ure whole life?

lol good to think about once in a while, but not too often.

Devan Moss said...

Choosing (whatever it was) module in CP + posts like these = +1 regular reader for life

But seriously, you really shouldn't spend too much time pondering these things, wouldn't want to spend your life wondering what could've been

Indigo1928 said...

Ah, comments make me so happy!

@laurapoet: Haha, ^^ That's true. It's just interesting to know that you were actually capable of becoming the opposite of yourself. I could've been in a traveling circus, or something.

That actually happened once. I think I've told you the story before. The power of one syllable.

Really? I just wrote that because I had nothing else to say at the time. :)

@Elanor: That's great! I hope you enjoy it, Toradora being one of my favorite animes and all. :D

I bet a lot of random people who pass by stop to answer the poll! Maybe I should make a poll to count the amount of people who actually read my blog sometime. Really? From your comments, I think we could get along well. ^^

Hehe, I guess messing it up could either be good or bad. It depends on what it could have been?

@Devan Moss: And I thought you had disappeared!

:D :D Yay! I think it was Graphics & Animation, since that was the one I had been trying to get from the beginning.

Yeah... It would be cool to experiment different things and see what happens though. It's one of the reasons I like IF so much.

Sunspot said...

Ruth, Here's one to blow your mind. I met Jeff by sitting down with him at dinner in Jester Cafeteria when we were in college. If I had not made that 2 second decision, no Laurapoet. As a mom, there are just certain things that you can never willingly give up, so IF anyone ever offered me the chance to go back and do my life over again, I absolutely could not take the chance of ending up with some other kid.