Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stinkbugs stink

There's a stinkbug in my room. I don't know where it is now because it was flew in yesterday. Let me give you an excerpt from an e-mail I was sending to my friend.

"It was like, BZZZZZZZT! And I nearly had a heart attack when I saw some big dark thing fly in clumsily from the doorway. And then it thumped against the ceiling and I was like, holy crap what is that thing, and it hit the ceiling again and landed on my mail. And then I cautiously walked over to look at it and realized it was a stinkbug. Which sucks, cause how do I get it out of my room without making it go all crazy-bug on me and spraying stink on my clothes, which will never ever wash out? And I think squashing it causes the same thing."

So yeah. There's no smell yet. I hope it miraculously flew out of my closed window while I was gone. Grrr.
Oh, and here's another list thing for this week.

Lisa :: Forger
Hope :: Faith
Irene :: Hope
Tony :: Dallas
Anna :: Fallis
Dolly :: Molly
Laura :: Mills
Debbie :: Wilson
Wilson :: Willow
Paula :: Wilson - From here


Sunspot said...

I luv this post! Also, just FYI, stink bugs don't actually stink up the room until you squash them... So at least while it's alive you don't have to worry about that. Also, did that list just happen to have the names Laura and Lisa in it? I say thats really freaky...(for those who don't know, my name is Laura, and I have a friend named Lisa) Coincidence?

laurapoet said...

Ahg. I was accidentally signed in w/ my mom's account. The post above was written by Laurapoet!

laurapoet said...

Oh! And another freaky coincidence Savannah and her little sister's middle names are Hope and Faith!!!

Indigo1928 said...

Oh wow. Yeah, it really did have Lisa and Laura in it. Too bad that it didn't have Joanna or Ruth in it. :)