Monday, June 22, 2009

The Fish and the Bud

The Fish and the Bud

A fish was once tending to his garden green, and he tended to his garden so well that none of his fellow consorts could surpass him. Plants everywhere grew to love the fish, and they all reached out with hopes of receiving the same care that the fish had bestowed upon his garden. In fact, the garden flourished to such a great quantity that, after a tiring day of tending, the fish found that he could no longer find his way out.

His plants were narrow-minded creations, and had grown miserly from all the attention. They depended on the fish to make them greener, taller, better than the rest. So when they realized that he, for once, could not give them what they asked, they turned away.

For days, the fish wandered through the dense forest of green, but could not find an escape. Tired and lonely, he stopped by the smallest bud, and fell asleep.

When he awoke, the forest had shriveled and withered away. Only the small, lonely bud, that he sought for comfort, remained. The bud, so tiny was she, was unseen beside the tall plants that surrounded her. Now that the other plants were gone, she soaked up all the attention the fish had to give.

But the fish, heartbroken at the loss of his garden and more alone than he had ever been, could only share despair. The bud tried many times to cure the fish of his grief, but the fish refused to listen. The bud grew weaker and weaker. It's leaves drooped and it bent over feebly. The bud was too tired to keep the fish in good spirits.

Only after it was too late. Only after the bud had long since stropped growing and turned brown, did the fish finally see everything the little plant had tried to teach him.

- - -
(Thanks to laurapoet for help on the last paragraph!)

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