Friday, April 24, 2009

Guess What?

I'm making a post. :)

Well, two things.

One. I have a list of people who seem interesting, and seem like they would be fun to be friends with. These people aren't really even friends at all. They're just classmates, people that sit with us at lunch sometimes, etc. Ryewanda? - Bam. First letters of their first names. Not all of them are names though. I needed to add some to make it readable. Even the question mark means something! (pretty much someone I don't know the name of?) Of course, people in book and movies are in a separate list of interesting-people. Peter Pan, as one example. Or the characters in the Goose Girl. And Harry Potter, of course. Who doesn't want to meet the quirky people in that book?

Two. My playlist. I always have it on. Usually I repeat new songs that I add over and over again, because the old ones just get old. Anyway, I'm usually doing something when music is playing. So everytime I hear the song, it reminds me of what I was doing when listening to it. Breathe by Michelle Branch reminds me of the green monster guy from Jack Frost that I was making. This other song on Lily's playlist reminds me of Pokemon (of all things) because it was always playing in the car when I was playing pokemon.

Well. That was fun. Now I'm going to go and do more online-reading.

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