Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Quizzes!

Oh wonderful.

Apparently, if eaten, I would taste like barbequed tofu.

Anyway, I was browsing the quizzes on oneplusyou(Remember that post I made on those quizzes? No?) and I found another site with quizzes, although not many. It's called RecipeStar, and it seems to specialize in food. I think it was created by the same people who made the OnePlusYou quizzes.

The quizzes can be found here:

My favorite is of course, "How long would you survive trapped in your kitchen freezer?"
I would survive for 7 hours. Couldn't you just push open the door though?
I am also moderately experienced in the foods of the world.
My steak knowledge score is 37%, and I'm 44% addicted to bacon.

And this is kind of cool.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I changed my blog a little bit yesterday, so now it looks better! Now most of the pictures and extras are on the left, and all the links and wordy stuff is on the right. I also finally found a place to put my "About Me" instead of that place in the middle that wasn't completely the middle even though I tried to center everything.

Anyway, here are screenshots of before and after.


Also, there's new Nitrome game(sequel to Twin Shot). - But now they have 50 levels extra for people who buy them. Which is kind of sad because then they might continue doing that for all their future games and pretty soon we'll only have 10 free levels. I hope that won't happen.
And I think I forgot to tell you about Parasite too, which relates very much to the title. You get to take over flying kittens, boars, and a few other creatures to help you get to your destination. They also turn green and drooly when you control them.

Week 338

Banter :: Canter
Amazing :: Blazing
Towel :: Duck
Cinema :: Popcorn
Newspaper :: Gray
Not good :: Grey
My type :: Cloud
Twinkle :: Stars
Actress :: Actor
Daft :: Draft

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

First blog-anniversary!

Yay! And I made my first post at around 11:30 too. So happy blog-anniversary?
Laurapoet and I made our blogs on the same day, so double-yay!

To celebrate, we shall look at cow cupcakes. - lecupcake makes a lot of amazing cakes and stuff with icing.

Aren't they adorable? My favorite is the second cow in the front. And my second favorite is the third cow in the front. :D


I was really bored so I sewed some paper.

Blank Paper - Get out a few sheets of competely blank paper. Isn't it beautiful? Doesn't it make you want to fill it with words or colors or shadows? So fill it.

Sew Paper - Plain sewing is fun at this point, but paper sewing is even better! Just dampen some paper and get out a sharp needle and thread. And the holes have to be pretty far apart, since it's very easy to tear damp paper. You can't make much, but you get to wait for it to strengthen and wrinkle. This is probably bad for your needle. Everytime you poke through the paper, a little tuft of fiber sticks to the end of the needle, so you'll need to wipe that off before poking anything else. If you want, I suppose you could also just stitch everywhere, then pull the ends of the thread apart and watch as your creation rips itself apart. :(

Make Paper - Make paper by recycling! I actually haven't tried this before... Anyway, get out a sheet of paper and let it soak in water until it disintegrates into little fibers. And then try to filter out the water and lay it out as flat as possible? Or you can clump it up and see what happens.

Reform Paper - I haven't tried this either. I guess you soak the paper with water, reform it in elegant little ruffles and complicated shapes, and let it dry. Hope that it stays the same shape when it dries.

CRAYONS! - Get dark vibrant crayons and doodle on a sheet of paper. All the light ones are just waxy and have barely any color, other than yellow. And coloring just isn't as fun as swiping the crayon around the paper.

Now I am soaking paper.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 337

Week 337

Sister :: Mister
Talks :: Phone
Electric! :: Phone
Corner :: Stile
Turnstile :: Corner
Swap :: Mop
Young :: Old
Horrific :: Wendy
Block :: Sand
Wind :: Goose

From lunanina

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Cryptic Poem

- ~ -
Tangy alabaster knows each,
plucking harps of the orange scent,
telling hats and taupe,
"To evil lies lime!"
so true origins read yew...

- ~ -
- ~ -

The alabaster recognizes all,
this orange hardly the toothing-stone of the scent of the selection,
is gray-dark the protection of the protection and that one,
"Of the false lime milked one of the voice it is! "
this type of the iron and steel industry of the true origin of the honorarium informs to him…
- ~ -
There's a link to lost in translation in the links list!

Monday, July 6, 2009


I just found an interesting site full of design ideas.

The designs range from urban art, clothing, interior, illusions, and random miscellaneous things.

So far, I've seen a 120 zipper dress, shredded tax papers dress, color pencil shoes, a toothbrush with a dent that lets you rinse, heat activated wallpaper, life-sized dollhouse, a pen that scans a color and lets your draw with it, and an art student that decided to live in an elevator one day.

So here are some links! - Miniature hand-painted people in London. Quote from dornob: "Sometimes they are slain by forces of the larger world and at other times these tiny individuals take advantage of their surroundings." - 120 zipper dress - Living in an elevator - Scan and draw - Interior rain with handcrafted raindrops strung together - A room covered in white paper(post-it notes?). - Napkin Notebook - Faceless Wristwatch - These people camouflage themselves in a store by covering themselves with binders, boxes, and bags. I think the video is hilarious. Heat activated paint on wallpaper, calendars, and other things.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ooba Glooba, Little Bees

How do you think aliens sound?
I picture green gloopy aliens with one eye and three tentacles and an O shaped mouth. And they have three fingers with little whatever-those-things-are that octopus have on their arms. They have an eggplant shaped body, move slow and go "ooba glooba".

I am reading Little Bee right now, for summer reading. I am also halfway through "Something Wicked This Way Comes" which I always think is "Something Wicked Comes Along". Jane Eyre is the most dreaded book at the moment, since its definately the longest and most boring book I chose off the list. The other books are about teenagers salvaged for their body parts, two-faced circuses that change overnight, and a book that is so special that it doesn't have a very resourceful summary(although intriguing, somewhat) and supposedly has a horrific beach scene that I have yet to read.

Little Bee is much better than I expected. I love the narrative of Little Bee, but I don't really like how it changes from her POV to the woman-who's-got-a-kid-obsessed-with-batman in every other chapter. LB's commentary and descriptions are much more interesting than the other person's. I was interested in the book when I read the summary, but then I thought, oh no, it must be one of those books that have intriguing summaries but lack of substance. And then I got the book and it was just beautiful. I figured that a book with font as wonderful as that and with such a nice summary-area on the inside cover had to be good. I judge books by the cover a lot, even though I'm not supposed to, but when you compare The Goose Girl and Treasure Island, well...

The Goose Girl - Best book ever, BEST COVER EVER!!
Treasure Island - Boring. Ew Cover.

The Goose Girl's original cover, I mean. The new one is too modernized and doesn't look like Ani/Isi at all, to me.

Anyway, I found this nice word game. Try it out:

And Nitrome has 2 new games:
Castle Corp
Double Edged

And, Incredibots now has an Incredibots 2. It's just really slow.

Week 335

Week 335

Guest :: Vacant
Impact :: Car
Unplanned :: Map
Tactic :: Ties
Delayed :: Flight
Bombastic :: Tastic
Comfort :: Room
Trumpet :: Gold
Joe :: Trubloney
Budget :: Fudget

From lunanina

Poll Results #8 and #9

The poll in May:

What's the Best Day of This Month?

May 1st
0 (0%)

May 13th
4 (40%)

May 27th
6 (60%)

May 31st
0 (0%)

and the one in June:

Wear something that can get messy.

Wear jeans and a T-shirt.
1 (20%)

Wear your newest clothes.
0 (0%)

Find your paint splattered tie-dye clothes.
3 (60%)

Bring an apron.
0 (0%)

Bring your swimsuit.
0 (0%)

Umbrellas are the answer to everything.
1 (20%)

- - -

Okie dokes. There's a new poll up!

Listening to: I'll Be by Edwin McCain

I seem to like listening to old songs. Hmm.