Monday, April 27, 2009


Vectorpark is awesome. You have to try it. Its a website with a variety of interactive vector stuff. Its got crazy ideas. Everything is so simple looking and amazing with its animation and sounds and everything. I found this a while ago, I can't believe I forgot to add it to my Links list. Its now on the list, by the way. You can interact with almost everything. And you can click, drag, prod, or just hold-click, and it'll do something. The animation is cute too.

Well, they came up with a new game (except this one, you have to download. But it works on Macs too! And its $3 for the full thing. But it's not those stupid ones where you're only on the 2nd level and it makes you pay. Its just plain perfect.) It's called Windosill.

My favorite games on Vectorpark are Feed the Head, Windosill, and the one with the tri-legged creatures(Acrobots).

With Feed the Head, you don't really know when it ends. It feels like it can't go on even further, but it can. Have you gotten to the part where the head jumps over the bar stuff? I love his nose. Pull it off. Do it again. I love the trunk nose too. Give it a ball, and it'll take it with its trunk and eat it. (O_o) Different things that the Head eats causes different things. Yawning is key...

Windosill is cute. I love the first scene. For some reason, one of my favorite parts is dragging the little tree and watching it bob up and down. My actual favorite, though, is the bird scene. When you feed it the worm. And don't let go. Nothing happens, its just so cute. The puzzles are the perfect difficulty. No instructions just makes the whole thing better.

Just click it. I'm 90% sure you'll love it.


Elanor said...

That's awesome! Thanks so much for sharing -- I really enjoyed exploring the different worlds in Vectorpark. And Feed the Head was really fun...I had gotten stuck but went back and tried it again and I think I got to the "end"! I really enjoy looking in on your blog now and then -- keep it up!

Indigo1928 said...

Oh yay!
Haha, Feed the Head is pretty cool. That's exactly what I did. The first time I was pretty much just pulling noses off and didn't really know that it was actually a game with an ending. So then I came back one day and after a while, I realized there was more a whole lot more to it. :D
That means a bunch to me. Thank you!