Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Belated New Year's! o_o

Wow, I looked through some of my old blog posts and there's this certain point where I start to write extremely long posts. I mean, I've noticed that lately I've had a lot of long posts, but I hadn't realized that my old posts were really that short. How did I stay so brief? Maybe they were shorter because the time between posts was shorter and because many of them were describing links and music and games.

Anyway, happy belated new year! I'm not really sure what New Year's resolutions I have. Hmm.. The same as every year, I guess!

1. Get good grades
2. Be happy
3. Make new friends
4. Learn to project
5. Do less thinking before speaking
6. Don't hesitate
7. Figure out what you enjoy doing the most
8. Get into a good college
9. Do well on the SAT
10. Stop procrastinating
11. Go up to at least 5 people and say hello

Ok. I guess I shouldn't have so many resolutions because it'll be hard to keep up with them, but most of these are obvious or constantly in my head, so really the only ones I need to remember are #5, 6, and 11.

About resolution #7, that's pretty much what I must do in the next 24 hours, because I must write an artist statement for school and pick a concept to focus on. For the rest of the semester. It's so difficult to figure out what I am most passionate about/what I most enjoy doing. Isn't that weird? I always wonder whether I will eventually get really bored of what I choose.

Ooh, and the poll! I was making a list of words that I like or that inspire me and among the words I listed are the ones that are in the most recent poll. I noticed as I composed my giant word list that a lot of the words were beige or sandy colored, with some grey lavender and light slate blue-like colored words every once in a while. This was caused either by the meaning of the words, or the sound of them, or just by the letters. So I am curious what colors everyone else sees in these words? Maybe none of them are the right color for you, but just pick the one closest to grey lavender, so that I can get some results :D Or you could comment on the colors... which would be even more informative! Anyway, I am interesting in seeing what the results will be.

Ok, bye!

- - -
Oh that's right, I am also attempting a take-a-photo-every-day thing this year! So at the end of the year I will have 366 photos recording my daily life. 

Finishing that will be my 12th resolution for the year! :D