Sunday, August 30, 2009


Wow, high school is busy. I hadn't touched the computer all week until yesterday because I was doing homework(geometry especially). We get so much homework! And even once you finish everything due the next day, there's still more you can do like do the homework for the day after that or something. And I can't decide whether I should lighten the load for tomorrow or work on my idea for the directory contest thing.

I'm actually using my agenda for once, too. Art is really fun, and since I have it every afternoon, it's something to look forward to. :D

So, I am thinking of compiling all of my Spanish notes into one word document so that I can use it in case I forget some old vocabulary or grammar. There's a lot of notes though...

Well, my schedule in the previous post completely failed. Homework takes more than just two hours.

This is really weird. I thought I would go on ranting about high school, but all I have to say is that there's a lot of homework. Lunch is great, since we get to eat in places other than the lunchroom.

The bus is really nice in the morning. It's all still dark and everyone is quiet or reading or listening to music. And the sun slowly comes up and you have another thirty minutes to prepare for school. Also, I can never see the sun on the bus. I can see red and orange hues coming from one area, but it's never there!

And the title is green because I'm wearing green right now and I couldn't think of another title at the time that I felt like typing.


Lily said...

Oh dear. I missed the poll! D: <---shame on me.

Anyways, I am glad art is fun. ^^ good luck on the directory contest! What are you drawing for it?

i need to check on nitrome too...@,@

laurapoet said...

Luv the corn poll. The coolest most original poll EVER! ps. I voted Love to Love, because it's better to Love something that to Hate it! :)