Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, I have gotten my schedule for school and it's pretty good. My only complaints would be that I have Geometry every morning, and Ceramics is before Drawing, which is like a tranference from messy... to mostly clean. Well, I have decided that I will make a schedule for the rest of my short summer and for school.

So far it's just been: Sleep-computer-eat-computer-eat-sleep. But now I will elaborate and add more constructive things to my day. It's mostly because even though high school is exciting and all, it also means chinese school will start again soon, and that's such a pain. T_T

So! I will take action. Here is my schedule.

Summer Schedule
7:30am - Wake up
8:00am - Eat breakfast
8:10am - Morning routine of link checking
9:00am - Do whatever you want!
10:00am - Do whatever you want!
11:00am - Do whatever you want!
12:00pm - Do whatever you want!
1:00pm - Do whatever you want!
2:00pm - Do whatever you want!
3:00pm - Do whatever you want!
3:30pm - Study chinese
4:00pm - Do whatever you want!
5:00pm - Do whatever you want!
6:00pm - Do whatever you want!
7:00pm - Eat dinner
8:00pm - Do whatever you want!
9:00pm - Do whatever you want!
10:00pm - Do whatever you want!
11:00pm - Sleep
12:00am - Sleep
1:00am - Sleep
2:00am - Sleep

3:00am - Sleep
4:00am - Sleep
5:00am - Sleep
6:00am - Sleep
7:00am - Sleep

It's hourly. Yay! I know I could conserve space by deleting all my sleeping, but this way is more fun. As you can see, I have a lot of time to do whatever I want. Therefore, I have 2 rules.

Rule #1. Somehow implement 30 minutes of drawing, eating lunch, and basic necessities into your time of doing whatever you want.

Rule #2. You can study chinese for 30 minutes earlier anytime if you want, but by 3:30pm, if you haven't studied, you better do it now. >:(

And now for my school schedule.

School Schedule
5:30am - Wake up & do basic necessities
6:10am - Eat
6:25am - Drive to bus stop
6:39am - Bus leaves
6:45am - Check you have everything, find a bus buddy, and sleep?
7:55am - School starts
8:00am - School
9:00am - School
10:00am - School
11:00am - School
11:50pm - Lunch
12:30pm - School
1:00pm - School
2:00pm - School
3:00pm - School
3:35pm - School ends
3:48pm - Bus leaves
4:00pm - Maybe at home?
5:00pm - Do HW
6:00pm - Do HW
7:00pm - Eat dinner
8:00pm - Study Chinese
8:30pm - Do whatever you want!
9:00pm - Do whatever you want!
10:00pm - Sleep

I could try to sleep at 9, but I don't think that's possible. I'm still trying to adjust from my nocturnal sleeping schedule. And even though the hourly schedule is fun, I do want to conserve at least a little bit more space, so I didn't add sleeping 20 times. @_@

Now compare: Too much time vs. Too little time

On another subject, Nitrome has a new game. Nitrome updates so frequently, and sometimes they update before I want to do a blog post. And I feel like adding a post just for one teensy little link to a game-updating-machine is too many posts of non-thinking? So, I just added a little text thing over on the left side which will be for all those little game updates that come often enough to not include in the links page or as a post. I'm not sure how to explain it so that you don't have to reread that sentence. However, there is one link that's pretty cool, which I will include here:

Q-BLOCK - Have you ever heard of pixel art? This is just like pixel art, except it's 3D(none of that isometric stuff) and you can rotate it around, export it, or use it as your desktop wallpaper. Isn't that cool? It's like legos, but neater and square.

Ok. I'm already 25 minutes late on my schedule, so the post ends here.
I would like to add more statistics on my schedules though. Statistics make me happy. :D
But I won't. Ok, good bye!

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