Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Resolution

1. Start early.
2. Do what you say you will do. Make it into a habit to follow through on everything you say you will do, even (or maybe especially) if it is just to yourself. Try to establish a system of consistency for yourself, and follow the consistencies others follow, like celebrating holidays on time and sleeping at night, because it'll make you more responsible. Really!  Tip to get this done: focus on the system rather than the goal (from Also a random quote: "We begin to work only when the fear of doing nothing at all exceeds the fear of not doing it very well." —Alain de Botton 
In other news, I've accumulated this very long list of interesting advice/lessons for myself that I almost never look at. It's just there, a repository for future reference. I just checked and it's 18,527 words. I occasionally scroll through it when I add something new to the bottom, but there's just too much to go through for it to be practical/useful. It's a mainly a compilation of quotes from random articles I've read where the advice or story is surprising and seems useful. One day I'll organize it and put in all the correct sources where they're missing (see resolution 2). Maybe I'll post bits of it as I organize, whenever that happens.

Well, that's all. Our neighbors are throwing off some major fireworks. Here is the cutest default smile emoji (do people not really say emoticon anymore?) I've seen in a while ☺.

Happy New Year!