Monday, September 21, 2009

Somewhere in the Stratosphere

Ok, I'm not going to talk about all my high school homework and stuff because that's what I did last time and I completely forgot what I was going to say so it's saved as a draft.

Well, I guess I do need to talk a little about my homework, because I'm supposed to be doing my art homework, but I have been wanting to blog for 2 weeks and I couldn't because I was bogged down with all that stuff. And I need to do this and then I'll feel better.

So, music playlist songs update.

My current favorites:

Show Me What I'm Looking For by Carolina Liar - I had been trying to find it for so long after I first heard it on tv during a trailer for "The Time Traveler's Wife", but then when I searched it up, the trailer changed songs, and I had to convince myself that I hadn't been imagining another song. And then just today, I recognized it on Lily's playlist! Yay! So, my favorite line: "Save me, I'm lost,", the last one right before they repeat the line 5 times.

Second Chance by Shinedown - My favorite line: "Somewhere in the Stratosphere!". I thought it was funny once I had finally figured out what he was singing. Also, I don't pay attention to the lyrics of a song until I hear it so much I finally start singing along to it and find myself saying something weird. Stratosphere... haha.

Ah! I have more but I need to go sleep. So yeah.

Ok. I am back. I will continue.

Suddenly I See by KT Turnstall - This one is a pretty old song I stole from a friend's playlist. My favorite line would be the chorus.

Also, I recently had to read "Unwind" for summer reading, and there's this one part that really stands out to me. Basically, this is a story set in the future when teenagers under the age of 18 can be unwound for a number of reasons. Unwinding is when the teen's body parts are seperated but still alive, and then are redistributed. These body parts are used in surgery to replace useless limbs and organs, for example.

We have three main characters in this book. One runs away once he finds a form his parents signed for his unwinding. Another is an orphan who is being unwound simply because there is not enough room for her to stay. The last, a tithe, was raised up knowing of his unwinding and feeling great about it because it was in his religion to do so.

At one point, the runaway is trapped in a cargo box with 3 other unwinds, and they discuss their unknown fate. When one of the unwinds is prompted with the question, they say that they don't know. And while another kid says that that isn't an answer, the main character disagrees, because if people would just admit that they didn't know, then maybe the world wouldn't be the way it was. The whole book is filled with small revelations like that.

I just thought that was cool.


laurapoet said...

I remember you saying that you thought this post was short and uninteresting. Well I thought it was very interesting. Both of your descriptions made me want to go out and look up those songs. I'm ALWAYS hearing songs in the most random of places and then wanting to go out and find them but I can't because I don't know the name of it or something like that. It's really frustrating. Anyway, I hope you get used to you crazy amount of homework/art projects eventually, and in the meantime I hope you have a little bit of time to just let go of your problems and relax. Hang in there, you're doing great! :D

Elanor said...

Hey! I just thought it would be cool if you added this to your blog:

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