Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some Random Drawings and Lots Of Words

Well, I was just drawing a few things. I made a full-body anime person (though I dont think it turned out very good), a manga head, and two other random doodles.

I drew everything in pencil, so I decided to outline them all in pen. Unfortunately, the pens I use dont work too well with erasers. If I dont wait long enough(longer than usual), the ink will smear. And then, if I try to use an eraser over it, the ink will fade. So, I just decided to just trace it with another sheet of new paper. The only problem was that its kind of hard to trace things in pencil through printer paper. :/

So, I created a handmade lightbox! :D Well, it was sort of a temporary-last-bit-effort. I could just get a nice flat plastic container and a flashlight, except our flashlight ran out of batteries. And all the other mini-light things (book light, book light 2, book light 3) were all used up. And they didnt provide much light anyway. So since we have a big black pane of glass on the table(the glass worked well as more table room) and I had a small-ish lamp on a tabl nearby, I just moved the table to the lamp and stuck the lamp under the table. It actually worked pretty well. Later, I just didnt want to leave my room to outline(It was the source of music!) I got a flimsy plastic container and stuck some shiny aluminum foil under it. That didnt work very well, but after I made my pencil lines darker, I managed to get everything outlined. Except the manga head, which was a bit more complicated than the other 3 pictures, so it was hard to tell all the lines apart. Thats why you see a few pencil marks around it. :)

I also find that its much more fun to work with music on, just like many other people. And the cool thing is that the music doesnt really distract you from whatever your drawing, it actually encourages it. I was listening to these songs while drawing:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEafJTTALlQ&feature=user - "Breathe" by Michelle Branch
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMBrDYwe6jI - "Who I Am" by Jessica Andrews

I love the chorus on Breathe. Almost everything in the living room is now in my bedroom. Why? The vacuum.

Anyway, here are the pictures. Click them for a bigger version as always. And they look better that way. :)

The anime head I made. It actually turned out better than I thought, except I guess the headband distracts too much. @_@ Its my second original anime face :)

The manga person, which I dont like much. The knees look small and a bunch of stuff doesnt go together naturally. And the shoes. Oh, the horror!

The roasted marshmallow. It actually looks better in the picture with the other surreal picture and itself, which is in my photostream.

The bubble picture. This is one of my favorites because I just love it for some strange reason. :) The lines close to the water might have something to do with it. And the fish's eye. Trust me, this looks much much better if you click it.

Oh phooey. I missed the daily deadline by an hour and 20 minutes. *sigh* I guess that stops my record of daily posts. Unless the time is different on blogger... :)

"If I just breeeathe in
fill the space between
I'll know, everything is alright..."

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laurapoet said...

omg, ruth! I love you're manga person! if you really want critique, the arms are a little funky, but the face and hair is awesome! I think my favorite it the marshmallow. Totally COOL!!!!