Monday, August 18, 2008

Orange Monster and Comfort

Ok, I'm back from Comfort. That was an awesome trip! I have a bunch of pictures to upload too. Anyway, I need to upload that orange monster. Its been on Flickr, I just didnt have time to get it on my blog.

Click for a bigger image. :)

Ok, a bunch of news. I'm getting braces today. T_T Hope it doesnt hurt too much.
I'm waking up earlier now thanks to Laura and her earlier sleeping time during Comfort.
The thing starts in a week! Must get back-to-thing stuff. Maybe the prices are lower before the thing starts?
I got souvenirs from West Texas! Oh, and some interesting videos and stories to show. Although, Laura will probably write about them too in her blog. The trip involved many animals.
I almost have enough money for a tablet! I just need to make $7 and then I can go get one.


Lily said...

aw...the monster is so cute!

Indigo1928 said...

:D Thanks! Well, I checked and I actually have $2 over the amount needed for a tablet, so thats awesome. :)