Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well, I got my braces and thankfully that was pain-free, since all they did was glue the braces and wire them and stuff. But my teeth ache everytime I put the slightest amount of pressure on them @_@ So now I have to chop up bread when trying to eat it. I also picked light blue and light green for my braces. :) I hope the achey-ness goes away after a week since I don't know how I'm going to survive school lunch this way. Now I brush my teeth about 5 times a day. @_@

Some letdowns on braces:
  • Acheyness/pain
  • Feel funky
  • No sugary, chewy, sticky, or hard kinda food.
  • No soda
  • I don't care about hard candy, but chocolate will be missed(especially hot chocolate!).
  • Worst of all- No Tapioca!
  • Brush a lot

I think that's it so far. Anyway, I made some grilled cheese today. They taste good. I have to chop em' up with a knife though. Also, I have a sort of idea of what I can eat. If someone can tell me, that would help. Can I eat rice? Chicken? Sandwiches? Salad? Fruit(I know, chopped up apples and corn)? Noodles? Fish? Sweet Fruit? Watermelon? Lemonade? Orange Juice? Ice cream? Right now, I'm eating grilled cheese, rice, yogurt, soup, and noodles. Kind of limited.

What else? I love my new jeans. :) And khaki pants, strangely.

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