Thursday, August 7, 2008


Wow, the Olympics start this Friday! Well, I made a photoshop image because of that. It glows. :)

Oh, *fume*. There's always this slight disappointing process of uploading stuff I make. I would be ready to email it to my friends, and then I remember my blog, and I just HAVE to give them a link. So, I open up a window on blogger. Then, I realize that I need to upload it on Flickr so that when people click it, they can get a bigger image of it. So I open up a tab. After uploading, I've got to change the html, because if I upload directly from my computer, it doesn't give a link. If I upload from a link, it doesnt show the image! So I have to add the html thing to them all(Thank goodness for my HTML phase). I'm at the flickr stage right now.

Haha, I love how Flickr says hello to you in different languages at the frontpage. Thats where I find the words to greet Lily with on im. :P (Now you know, Lily!)

Ok, here is the image:

It looks weird that small, so please click to see it in its original size. :)

Oh, and here's the song I was listening to while making this. - Suddenly by Ashley Tisdale

My lack of apostrophes is really bothering me for some weird reason. It usually doesn't, but now I go back and add in all the apostrophes. Aha! Like that "doesn't" word. Hmmm. I must be turning into a punctuation freak.

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Lily said...

You are so good at these things...Lol! I wonder what the next hello would be! :P