Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Anime Face

Ok, I outlined that anime face in photoshop today and colored it. Here it is:

That took me the whole day! It was probably because

a. I used Photoshop 6, an older version
b. I had to taper all the lines with an eraser
c. I switched to youtube to replay a song every 3 minutes

In the end, I played around with everything and made a bunch of versions for it. I'm only putting up two- the original and soft light ones, because its late and there are too many of the others.

Click them for a bigger version. Please?



Lily said...

I love the colors! @,@ it turned out great! A duck?! *cough cough*

Julie said...

I love the picture! Both versions are great! :) Oh, hey, did I tell you I galloped on Golly today? Anyway, I did. :) ♥LOVE♥ the blog!