Thursday, August 21, 2008

4 Things

I'm making four things for my friends. Maybe three, since I might not have enough time for my own... Anyway, I can't really talk about it since some of those friends read my blog.

Hint: I used glue.

Well, guess that counts out candles and homemade popsicles. :) I think I'm going to give a hint out every day till the weekend. It won't help you much in figuring it out though. Muahaha!

It's taking a while though. @_@


Lily said...

Hmph! That's not are making...AHA! A treasure box?

Indigo1928 said...

Nope, ^^ But good guess.

Lily said...

hm...*brainstorming* so..if it's not a treasure box, but close to it...OH! is it one of those thing that pops out of a box when you opens it?! box?! or...pencil case?!or...pencil holder? locker organizer? box something!!!