Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dwarf Fortress

Well, I found this new game called "Dwarf Fortress" which can be downloaded on Windows and Mac. Its a pretty small file size for a very big game. This game has dwarves as its main species. There are two options- you can build a fortress and assign the dwarves jobs or be an adventurer and travel and go on quests. The whole game is made in ascii, which is letters and numbers and symbols.

Saving the game is slightly complicated. You have to press Esc in game and choose Save Game. Then go to the zip folder you downloaded to load the game and open it. Then open the dwarfort.exe file and extract everything from there. Open the data folder and then open the save folder. Click the region1 folder and copy it to a safe folder. When you want to load a saved game, copy it back to the save folder and play. Don't overwrite files, since it might leave some leftover stuff.

The game has its own Wiki online which is really helpful since the game is huge and its in-game instructions are very long. It took me 2-3 hours to read it all. Its a bit overwhelming at first.

The link below will tell you what you can do in the game, along with its features.

Bought some cute flats yesterday. :)

Ok, Im still learning the game. o_o Once you get through the whole deciding what to bring to the fortress stuff, you have to save to close the game. Dont click abandon fortress or anything because it will delete previous info. Thats what I did, o_o Although, I had back-up since I copied the save file to my other folder...

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