Saturday, August 30, 2008

Onekey Nitrome Game

Ack, I haven't posted for a while. Anyway, Nitrome made a new game a few days ago called Onekey. Basically, you help this little guy get to the end of the level by pressing the spacebar to trigger stuff. Use it to open gates, make him bounce, float, etc. Very cute. :)

I've been using my tablet these days too. Making a frog on Paint right now.
On Friday, we had art homework, so I went afterschool to pick it up since the drawing wouldnt fit in my binder. The door was locked, so I asked the next-door art teacher, and she said that she was on her shift and would probably be back in in 15 minutes. So I couldn't go back in once leaving the building because the people in the hallway would stop us. Since I carpooled with my friend and she was already outside, I had to go out too and wait. After much freaking out, we decided to sneak into the art hallway through a door a little bit further from the front of the school. And we got in just as my teacher went into her class, and safely retrieved my homework.

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