Friday, August 1, 2008

Graphics Tablet

Well, it started with this lollipop-flower I was drawing randomly on a piece of paper. Anyway, after drawing it, I decided that I would try to make it with Adobe Photoshop. Except the swirl on the lollipop section was always lopsided and strange. I've been wanting a tablet for a while now, since its so much easier using a stylus than a cursor when drawing.

So, I'm going to save up some money and try to buy one.

Currently, I'm aiming for one of the Wacom drawing tablets. It's the Intuos3 6x8.

It comes with a grip stylus(with an eraser! No batteries needed!), and has 1204 levels of pressure sensitivity...o_o It also has little touch strips and shortcut keys for changing things and maneuvering... And a 5-button mouse. Now that I've seen the two extra buttons on the side of the mouse, I wonder why no one else has though of it, since most people put their fingers there. It also has a few programs for editing and stuff.

The only problem is that its very expensive... $329. ._. Oof.

But the 4x6 just seems way too small! I hope it doesn't lag too much.
Ok, I researched a bit more, and I think that Ill start with something simpler and cheaper. The Bamboo Fun Small, also by Wacom. The only real big difference is the size and the pressure sensitivity. Compared to the other tablet, this one is much more affordable: $99. It got a 15 5-star rating reviews on Amazon, so it must be a good product! And you can write with this one too. :)


Laura said...

Wow. That sounds really cool! I'm sorry I didn't read it all the way through earlier.

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