Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Skywire 2 & Jack Frost Drawings

Yay! I got to level 30 on Skywire 2. :D
Although I really dont like level 30, since his teeth keep on CLOBBERING me. *sigh* Well, now I love Skywire because none of the levels really seem impossible. And it only uses two arrow keys, and has tons of different monsters and bosses for every ten levels.

I'm going to outline those pics I drew... Maybe I'll play Skywire later.


Ok, since this post is small, Im just going to add to it. Here are the pics of the drawings I made of the green and orange monster in Jack Frost. Go to Nitrome and play it if you want to know what the real monster looks like. And you know. Click for a bigger, better image and all that.

Ok, I photoshopped the second image and this is the result.



Lily said...

The tough of the monster is kinda purplish...:P

Indigo1928 said...

Thats what they all say...I guess its kind of magenta. But I did take the colors from the original pixel monster so maybe he's supposed to have a purple tongue? o_o

Julie said...

It is so cute!! ♥Julie♥