Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'm drawing monsters in Jack Frost. :) They're all so cute! I'll post pictures of them later. For some strange reason, I feel like drawing and writing right now. I like drawing, I just don't free draw very much, and so I think I'm going through a draw-random-stuff phase.

Also, powder game has a new feature. Its called loop. Basically, if you use that feature and erase the block border, anything touching one side of the screen will transfer to the other side of the screen... It's sort of hard to explain. Basically, if a fighter runs to the right and to the border, it will come through on the left border. And if powder or an element falls down under the bottom border, it reappears at the top, making a never-ending falling something. Just try it, it will make much more sense once it works. Oh, and fighters and players still die if they touch the bottom or top borderless screen.

Hmm. Nitrome rocks.

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