Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Ok, I am going to go through my links so you can get a good idea of what each of them are. Future links will probably have their own summary in another post. I'd add it to this post...but its long enough as it is.

  • DeviantART : A place with tons of art that people make, including literature, emoticons, photography, painting, and much more.
  • Dino Run : A cute game in which you (the dino) are running to dino paradise so that you can escape the apocalypse. Balance on meteors, eat lizards, collect power-ups, get rides from other dinos, collect eggs, and even race in multiplayer with other dinos. There are many milestones to use, and the overall retro look to it is just too awesome.
  • Emily Short IF : Im a big fan of Interactive Fiction (IF). If you dont know what IF is, you can check this website and it will have a good How-to guide to playing interactive fiction. Emily Short has some really good interactive fiction, so be sure to try them out!
  • Flickr : A place where anyone can upload photos and share them with others. If you find a picture you especially like, add it to your favorites! The people on Flickr have some really neat pictures. How do they do it?
  • JayIsGames : A collection of casual games. I usually find games here, and they have reviews and ratings on them all, along with some helpful walkthroughs. IF, webtoys, grow games, escape-the-room games(although I suck at those) are among the many many games that they have.
  • Laura's Blog : My friend's blog. She created it a few hours before mine and convinced me to make one too. She's a writer and poet and I have a feeling she's going to have many interesting posts...
  • MiniCity : A virtual city that grows everytime someone clicks on it. Click this link and you'll help my mini city grow. :)
  • Neave : Interesting website I found a few weeks ago. Try the lines one. You wont believe your eyes. o_o
  • Nitrome : One of my favorite links ever. Nitrome creates its own pixelized games and everything in it is just so cute and squishable. Especially the little characters in "Mutiny". The only game I've ever beaten completely was "Jack Frost". Although they update frequently and have a fun-to-read blog, its always exciting when they come up with a new game.
  • Playlist : Make your own music playlist and listen to others. I usually have my playlist on in the background while browsing the web.
  • Powder game : Another one of my favorite links ever. This is a sandbox game, so you can basically do anything you want. There are many elements to choose from. Water, seed, powder, player, fighter, magma, c-4, metal, thunder, superball, wind, ice, and way more. The fun part of the game is how the elements interact with each other. blow the ice away with wind and create snow. Sprinkle some seeds on powder and grow a plant. Then burn it up with fire. Create a fighting arena, a volcano, a waterfall, an obstacle course for the player, the possibilities are really endless. For a really nice experience, change the BG to BG-shade. You can even save these and share them with others. Also, scroll down for information about everything, especially player and BG. :) Have fun and enjoy!
  • Quizilla : Make quizzes and stories and post them for people to rate, read, and try. Once thats done, see if it will make it to the Most Popular or Top Rated list.
  • Scribbler : Draw a simple design. Then click scribble and watch it work its magic. Voila! Change the color of the scribble and you have more control of how the scribble works. Also check out the website of the person who made this. The only thing it seems to be missing is an eraser, although an imperfect drawing seems to turn out really nice anyway.
  • Shannon Hale's Website : This is the website of my favorite author. Read up info on books she's written and info about herself that might be helpful to novel writers-to-be.
  • Travian: Make a village. Conquer other villages with your troops. Expand your resources. Survive raids and attacks. Then try to make it to the high scores.
  • World-o-Meters : Current statistics on population, economy, environment, education, energy, health, water, and food. The numbers might be surprising.

And that concludes the afternoon announcements. Have a nice day!

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