Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Poll Results and Child's Play

Yay! Yay yay yay! JayIsGames posted another IF game! :D
Its called Child's Play (by Stephen Granade), and you can play it online. ^^ According to the review and rating, it seems pretty good (5 stars so far) and the overall story sounds fun. (Type "about" in the game for more info)

Description from the game:

"It is playgroup day and playgroup day is normally a good day, but ever since that little red-haired girl started coming she always wants your toys.

She shouldn't get your toys.

You tried telling the mom this, but she doesn't understand you. She mostly ignored you but then she just shoved a pacifier in your mouth and changed your diaper."

As you can probably tell from the description, you are a baby with very good vocabulary and critical thinking. You are also trying to keep your toys away from that new girl. Im only just starting, so I dont know much about it, but you should get a good idea from the JayIsGames review. Also, you can save and restore your game. Oh, and when that picture of the baby and the fridge magnets appear, just click to continue. You can crawl, you can listen, and you can use your baby tactics. Its easy to tell that this is going to be an amusing piece of IF :) Enjoy~

Now, about the poll. As of now, there are 17 hours until its over. I dont think anyone is going to vote now, so here are the poll results.

Q: Hot Coffee or Hot Chocolate?
Hot Coffee!: 1 (7%)

Hot Chocolate!: 9 (69%)
Blah, neither: 1 (7%)
...I like them cold: 2 (15%)

Hot Chocolate is the majority! I prefer hot chocolate too. Anyway, this will be edited if someone changes or makes a vote. Time for a new poll! (soon)

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