Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jing, DUI, and Some Interesting Articles

I've been browsing around looking at stuff like Vitrite - small stuff that is fun to use (and useful sometimes). Anyway, I found another something that is part screenshot taker and part video recorder. Its called Jing. You can take screenshots with it and even select regions to take pictures of.

It appears as a small sun at the top of the screen, which gives you different options. You can also select a place to record something on the computer. This can be helpful if you want to show a friend how to do something. The cool thing is that it gives you an url to the video or image, so no need to transfer or anything!

And here is the link:

Check their blog and FAQ for more info.

What else to say?

Oh, theres this nice game called DUI. Its basically physics, timing, and puzzles all in one. You are a geometric smiley who's aim is to stay above the red line, and stay still on a colored shape- except you must destroy the number of shapes it tells you to at the side. Luckily, you can stay below the red line if you are still moving. Use the arrow keys to roll left and right. If you come as a square, you wont be able to roll unless you are tipping.

Here, this excerpt from a JayIsGames review explains much better.

"DUI, an action puzzler from Chinese developing team S.I.T.T., asks you to guide a sprite to safety by rolling it back and forth with the arrow keys and destroying blocks with the mouse.

To advance to the next level, you must rest the sprite on a colored block and destroy any moving blocks on-screen, as well as fulfilling the removed block quota in the corner of the screen. Usually completing these goals go hand in hand, but keep them in mind.

To add difficulty to the mix, the sprite cannot come to a halt below the red line across the screen. If it does, the level restarts. You can get away with having a portion of it above the line or running the ball below the line-- in fact, some puzzles hinge on doing this."

The graphics are pretty simple, but look nice anyway. And you get to skip levels if you are stuck on one of them. :) Plus, you get to create levels! :D How awesome is that?



Breaking News: Moon Disappears from Sky, Supposedly Eaten By Spaceship.
For Nitrome addicts, heres a humorous article on the game, "Cheese Dreams". :) From JayIsGames yet again! If you like that one, be sure to read the Skywire one too.

Cheese Dreams article:

Skywire Article:

Current Status: Playing Mutiny on Nitrome

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