Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Wow, this is my first post! I will be writing about everything on my blog so far and a few things about myself.
I've been exploring all the page elements and at the moment we have...

  • About me: A small description "about me".
  • A poll: A place where you can vote on your opinion! I plan on changing the poll every month. I started in the middle of July, so you all only have 15 days to vote instead of the normal 30 or so days. Oh well.
  • A links list: A list of links to places that I find interesting. I love links, as some of the people on my email know. :)

Ok, so not much, but I really had to get started on my first post. Hehe... Ok, now into more detail about me. o_o

  • I love making art - graphics, pen & ink, painting, etc. (I love crafty projects too)
  • I use o_o O_o :) :D and other text emotes. I think it comes from playing too many MMORPGs and using aim.
  • I love reading and pasar tiempo con amigas. (Must review spanish before I forget it all!)
  • I love chocolate croissants, tapioca(bubble tea), pocky and most things from a bakery. Athough, not counting the cakes since some are too sweet. o_o
  • I love reading instructions, tutorials, and intros. :) And guides on some things.
  • I love small text. I love neat, simple things. o_o
  • My favorite color is blue.
  • I wear a watch all the time.

I think thats good enough. o_o Finally done with my first post! :D

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laurapoet said...

I love your first post, and your template is so clean cut and simple! Great job! I'll be checking in every day to see what else you've written!!!