Friday, July 25, 2008

Paper Mache

Today we continued making these paper mache plates and people. The plates are almost done, but theres still a bunch to do for the people. Hmmm... I'm going to make more bookmarks.

Oh! Nitrome made another new game! :D Its called Final Ninja, and it is so awesome! It is a little close to Dirk Valentine, since it has a story, a grapple/chain thing, and you are someone going through missions, sort of. You play as a ninja that has a grapple, can dissapear, throw ninja stars and wallslide. I love this one, and Im a little further than level 12. A few spoilers in the next paragraph. They appear in small text so that you wont read it unless you want to. o_o

Boss Level on level 10 :O. Sometimes the wallsliding thing gets in the way, especially in the levels where you're trying to escape from being a sniper target. Grrr...Level 9 is so hard!

Its one of my favorite games on Nitrome so far, except its kinda hard o_o. Although, it doesnt have as many levels as some of the others, so I guess the difficulty elevates quickly. Nitrome seems to update games way faster than usual now, especially after small fry, which is totally awesome. :D And I think there's a sequel to toxic coming soon...based on the blog preview...I love how you can recognize Nitrome games by their style. :)

Try it!

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