Thursday, July 17, 2008

10 Ideas for Your Blog

Ok, so I've been trying to think up blog ideas. I've thought of a few and hopefully it will help me and other bloggers to find out what to post about.

  1. Random: Take any object that people overlook and use a lot, but dont think about very much. Type about its importance in your life and all the amazing things it can do.
  2. Help: Give people step-by-step instructions of how to do something that many people need help with, because they will thank you for the help. That is, once they get the courage to comment.
  3. Complain: Talk about the unfairness of how there are more right-handed items than left-handed items. Or how there are more things you can download on Windows and not as much on Mac, simply because Windows was introduced first. Otherwise, how unfair anything is.
  4. Reviews: If you read, watch a lot of a movies, or go out frequently, this idea will be great for you! Simply type up a review on any of them. Perhaps there's a restaurant you go to all the time. Write about the great food or customer service there. And if you're a movie watcher, criticize and praise its plot. For bookworms, write a book review and rate it from one to ten.
  5. Talent: If there's something you enjoy doing, share it on your blog! Writers and poets could post their poems and stories, and photographers can upload pictures for all to see. If your hobby is making handbags, you can post tips and instructions for people who have gotten inspired from your work.
  6. List: Make a list. Whether its a favorite book list or list of pros and cons, there's no limit to how long it can be!
  7. Challenge: Give your readers a challenge. Ask them to write a romance between a tomatoe and a potatoe. Tell them to email you a recipe for disaster. Whatever you do, the results will probably be very entertaining.
  8. You: Talk about you. Drama in one's personal life is interesting sometimes. Otherwise, how come readers enjoy realistic fiction so much?
  9. Blog: Post about stuff in your blog. The results of the poll, a recollection of last years most interesting entries, or why in the world you put a picture of that poor cat who's head was stuck in a fish bowl.
  10. FAQ: Make a small post of FAQ, or interview a fellow blogger or reader. Or even interview a whole bunch of people with the same questions and see how the answers differentiate.

I hope that helps. Now I have few more ideas on what to post about...

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Anonymous said...

Wow Roo! thankx a bunch for all the ideas! (hopefully you know who this is, if you don't then this might help :P)