Saturday, July 26, 2008

Garage Sale

Yay! Nine out of ten of the bookmarks were sold at the Garage Sale at Laura's. :) Lots of labeling and rearranging involved in the preparation though. It was also very hot. Good day for any lemonade stands. Oh, and we sent a crazy e-mail to a few people. :)

Only four more days for the poll! :O Oh, and check out Lily's blog for a word of the day, every day. :) She also has a nice poem a few posts back, so be sure to read it!

Hmmm...I am at a loss for what to do. I really hate sleeping in the day, so thats off. Well, I will post more when I find more.


:D I finished "Square Meal"! All 50! Yay! I just felt kinda bad that I only had level one on it before. The game is kind of easy, its only the last level that gets a lil bit frustrating. Since I have sort of low patience with games, I like it when the characters can move a bit faster than the square monster in that game. The post below has now been updated. :) Ok, my playlist is getting slightly repetitive...anyone have music recommendations? Im going to play another Nitrome game now...

Ok, I got to level 29 in Magneboy... Thats it really. No other things to say at the moment.

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