Friday, July 25, 2008

Nitrome Game Levels

Spoiler below. (in small text)

Nooo! The snipers are back at level 15! D: I even like the cyber samurais more than them! The reason is because this pink target sign follows you around, and you have to keep moving so that it wont get you. And then you have to find the sniper guy and kill him so that the target will stop following you, except its hard because you dont know where he is, and you have to get past all the shoot-out-green-blobs-of-electricity machines, and try to survive the whole time. And if you dont kill them, eventually, more pink targets come and soon you have 4 of them following you everywhere! Thats because snipers are everywhere. Which is why its always scary to move because you dont know if you stepped onto the sniper's radar. Actually, the guy is using some device to make the target follow you. And this is where the wallsliding gets annoying! If you're dropping next to a wall, it just wallsides and you cant really tell because of the mob of pink targets coming at you, and since wallsliding slows you down, then the targets can easily get you. :/

Oh well, at least its only 5 more levels. Well, I will now name the levels I am at for all the main nitrome games.

  • Final Ninja: Level 15 (out of 20)
  • Mutiny: Level 10 (out of 20)
  • Skywire 2: Level 30 (out of 30) I haven't finished the actual level though :(
  • Small Fry: Level 11 (out of 25)
  • Knuckleheads: Level 13 (out of 25)
  • Cheese Dreams: Level 10 (out of 20)
  • Magneboy: Level 29 (out of 50)
  • Dirk Valentine: Level 14 (out of 24)
  • Aquanaut: Level 4 (out of 20)
  • Jack Frost: Level 40 (out of 40) Done! :D
  • Snow Drift: Level 6 (out of 20)
  • Thin Ice: Level 18 (out of 20) so close!
  • Twang!: Level 7 (out of 25)
  • Pest Control: Level 22 (out of #)
  • Headcase: Level 7 (out of 25)
  • Off the Rails: Level 6 (out of 20)
  • Nanobots: Level #(out of #) (no levels)
  • Yin Yang: Level 2 (out of #)
  • Toxic: Level 8(out of 20)
  • Square Meal: Level 50 (out of 50) Done! :D
  • Hot Air 2: Level 3 (out of a lot)
  • Dangle: Level 2 (out of)
  • Space Hopper: Level 6 (out of 15)
  • Skywire: Level 10 (out of 20)
  • Frost Bite: Level 7 (out of #)
  • Scribble: Level 3(out of #) (Havent played in a while)
  • Tanked Up: Level 2 (out of 8)
  • Feed Me: Level 6 (out of 15)
  • Roly Poly: Level 2 (out of 30)
  • Chick Flick: Level 3 (out of 9)
  • Sandman: Level 4 (out of #)
  • Hot Air: Level 2 (out of 25)
There. If it says, (out of #) it means I dont know how many levels it has in all.

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