Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Ribbons

Well, we went to Micheal's and bought 9 more spools of ribbons. We now have: Light Blue x2, White x2, Dark Red, Light Pink, Cream, Light Green, Lavender, and Orange. Yay! More color choices! Im making a red & white one now. Later, we realized that the red ribbon was thinner than the others, but I hope it looks good anyway. I WILL post pictures of them, I just dont like taking the little memory card out of the camera and uploading it to the computer...

Also, we saw Yao Ming's wife at this store, except I dont think anyone noticed until his dad went over there...

And I bought some hand sanitizer! I love how it has bubbles in mid-gel.
"Take a little look at the face of Miss Always Invisible~"
Can you guess what I'm listening to? :)


Lily said...

Those colors sounds pretty!
Do you remember I collect bookmarks? :P
O,O you saw Yao Ming's wife?! I've seen his uncle!
Of course I could guess! It's your fav song isn't it?

Indigo1928 said...

His uncle? Really? Yep, ^^ How many do you have already?

Anonymous said...

yeah, in his restaurant.
bookmarks? hm, not a lot...half of a ruler box

Indigo1928 said...

o_o Rulers have boxes? Wow, but bookmarks are so thin, so thats still a lot, :P