Monday, July 21, 2008

Snow White Recette

Well, we make this drink sometimes.
Its really good, and the cool thing that its simple to make and get the stuff for it. In fact, you probably have all the stuff you need in your house right now.

  • Sprite (hopefully cool)
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Spoon or scooper
  • Big cup
  • Straw

Got it?

  1. Scoop out some ice cream and put it into the cup. About 3-4 big spoonfuls of it, if you have a cup about 5 inches tall with a diameter of 2.5 inches. (I love my orange ruler, its the only one thats in one piece and stays in my room)
  2. Pour sprite into cup. But a bit at a time! If you just pour the whole can in, the thing's going to overflow! Basically, the sprite and the ice cream create these fizzy bubbles that elevate very quickly in a tall glass cup if you dont stop pouring. Anyway, if the bubbles reach the top, read the next step of instructions.
  3. Take the straw or spoon and stir, but make sure you dont kick off the fizz at the top. If you do, no worries, just get a napkin and clean it up. Stir until it goes down a bit, and pour more sprite, and repeat. Once it wont go down anymore, and no more chunks of ice cream are left, stick a straw in. You're done! :D

TIPS - Clean up whatever drippy mess is left. Also, if you dont stir for a long time, it will turn watery looking, because the sprite is seperating from the vanilla, and the ice cream is going to a better place. So stir. If you have leftover sprite (which you most likely do) you can pour more into the cup, although it will taste more sprite-like.

The reason I like this drink is because sprite alone feels like its attacking my throat. Sort of. But its really hard to gulp down more than 3 gulps of cold, fizzy sprite consecutively. The vanilla softens the impact.

Now, if any of you were wondering what the title is about, its because we call the drink Snow White. And according to, "recette" means "recipe" in french. I was hoping for a fancier word, like recipuor or something, but I got recette, which also happens to mean, "receipt".

And I know the instructions are a little bit longer than "simple", but having a longer entry makes me feel more accomplished. :)

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