Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 31st, it's Halloween!

Dear October,

You have been very fall. The trees are all different colors. My favorite are still the yellow ones. I tried to hang a little spinning mobile on a tall tree today, after it got dark. It was difficult because I looked for the shortest tree I could find by the canal (because it's windy and open there) and I picked one, but it's limbs were still much higher than I could reach. So I tied my "string" to a heavy metal hinge and just aimed it between the branches and threw, and if I was lucky it would fall back to me. Often though it just got caught in the branches up there, but with a little bit of tugging and odd maneuvering I got the end of the string back, and tied the mobile on the tree. I'm doing this, by the way, for my design midterm project. I'm a little worried though, because tomorrow it will be raining, and tomorrow is when I install my piece, which involves tissue paper. We'll see how it goes. My roommate and her friend and I went trick or treating today, but we only knocked on maybe six houses. It was especially awkward when college students opened the door. Also that one time we rang the doorbell to a probably college-dorm and this girl was walking past us and she said, "Oh, are you trying to get in?", and the three of us in cheetah, chimney sweep, and "ice climber" (my coat looked warm and could be buttoned up past my nose so that's what I went with) costumes look at her, and then my roommate the chimney sweep says, "No, um... we're trick or treaters!" (the girl stepped back and said, "oh." then kept walking) (my roommate was a chimney sweep because she had Drawing today and would inevitably get charcoal over her face and hands. also it is a good costume for fall/winter).

So I haven't posted for these past 10+ days, and that's mostly because of that one hectic week of big projects and midterms. I do have a few things written on some of those days though, so I will slowly fill up those blank dates after I post this. I really enjoyed writing to you though, October, and I didn't realize how nice it was to look back on previous posts and remember what happened on every day and what I was thinking of on that day at that time. I'm feeling a little nostalgic, and actually I've got to finish up my midterm project, but it feels good writing to you this last time (at least for now)! So sad things: I didn't wear a costume while trick or treating, but I have one in development! It will be prepped and ready for the Artist Ball that's happening tomorrow night and yes, it is a lazy one but it isn't quite as cliche or sad as it could have been, because I spent a long time trying to pick the easiest, cheapest, at least somewhat original last-minute do it yourself costume and now I am ok. Also, you totally snuck up on me. No one here has really mentioned Halloween at all, and suddenly yesterday my roommate and I were like, wait. Halloween is tomorrow. We went to grab midnight pancakes and when we got back my roommate saw the clock and said, "Oh... Happy Halloween!". The weird thing is, even though most everybody isn't in costume, and I wasn't even sure if the city celebrated Halloween (because there were no decorations!! except in a few houses), and it didn't feel like as big a halloween as it usually does, it was still nice. There was like this light feeling of festivity and that's all I think we really needed. :) Now back to work.

See you next year!
Indigo :D

music of the day: This is what it feels like by Armin van Buuren ft. Trevor Guthrie (honestly I think this is another day's song. I heard it when we went to the mall. I may change this out later)

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