Sunday, October 6, 2013

October 6th, you were uneventful

Dear October,

So today I went back to the nature lab and drew the skeleton some more :( The forecast wasn't so accurate, because it rained today even though my printout said it would be "warm and sunny". I also taste tested some kind of apple ice cream today. I didn't realize our 'cafeteria' made their own ice cream! It's kind of cool because that means we can really ask for whatever flavor we want and they can make it. In other news, nothing else happened today! Oh actually, just a funny short story from yesterday: Yesterday a bunch of kids from my drawing class were walking back to the dorms after the nature lab closed, and on the way back up the hill, a driver stops by us and asks whether we know where Richmond-something is. We all just shake our heads, but this Italian guy from our class, who's standing closest to the car, turns to the car driver and says completely seriously in his accent, "um... I have not yet acquired that information..." and the driver is like ok thanks and drives away.

See you,

song of the day: Waiting by IU

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Barbara Mills said...

Dera Indigo,
You and Laura do not know how wonderful it is to participate in your daily mundanities from afar. Make sure you share your blog with your parents, I know they are missing you.
Laura's Mom