Sunday, October 13, 2013

October 12th, it was a nice night

a bird I was drawing today
Dear October,

I forget that I'm addressing these letters to you sometimes, October. How has it been? You seem to be pretty happy lately. It was nice weather today, perfect for the parents weekend. My roommate introduced her parents to me yesterday and we all got dinner (I forgot to mention) and today we had a really good lunch. It was a little sad separating because they were so much nicer than I'd expected and they have really friendly faces and I like them. The streets were surprisingly busy, and you actually had to run if you wanted to jaywalk across the road. I bought a little graphic novel at the Library Book Sale today (all the events were going on today of course, in honor of parents weekend) purely for its colors, and my roommate got an even more beautiful graphic novel, watercolored and brown, and together they were only five dollars! Most of the other books were about art, which was nice, but then most of those were old and about various museums of art, and it's just so much more exciting to going to the museums rather than buying a book about them.

You finally let me see the moon on the nights after the night when I actually went out searching for you. This night was really pretty. I left the second floor cafeteria (let's call it the Caf from now on) after anime club and suddenly noticed this movement from above. You know those spotlights/searchlights that sometimes show up on clouds? There were about fifteen of those up there, little blurry ovals of dim light, all moving around in spastic circles. It was really amazing to look at, like something global was happening and I was the one person on campus who got to see it. I looked around to see if anyone else was noticing. There was a group of people by the wooden picnic tables who just recognized friends from another group of people who had just exited the dorms, and then there were some people in the kitchen of one of the dorm lounge areas, doing nothing, and then there was a lone guy playing DDR on the floor above, staring into a screen I couldn't see. None of them saw the blurry light circles though. When I looked up again, all the light circles were lined up in a semicircle, moving around its perimeter slowly, and for a moment I considered it as a UFO. I was just thinking that I should go get my friend (who I was carrying a scone for at the time) or my roommate and bring them out here to see this too (and also grab my camera), when the lights suddenly disappeared. I walked a bit farther to the side to see if the light show was going on beyond the tops of our campus buildings, and they were for a few seconds before those were gone as well. So then I just walked over to a ledge and looked around, contemplating this thought that one of my friends told me a while ago. I spent a few minutes there, admiring how nice it was in that space, and then I looked up again and the lights were back, moving around frantically like they were when I first saw them. They looked so surreal that I leaned in various directions under the trees to see the lights moving above the branches, and it was weird how real it all looked. I watched those for a while and then stepped inside, to the area with the kitchen of people doing nothing, found the stairs, and walked up a few floors to deliver my scone.

Got to wake up early tomorrow!

song of the day: Little Traveler by someone covered by Clear. wait till the chorus, about 1:30 minute in

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Laura Mills said...

I'm so jealous of your nature lab! So cool!