Thursday, October 3, 2013

October 2nd, you made it pretty to eat

Dear October,

Today was warmer than I expected. Even at night, when I went to grab some midnight pancakes with my roommate and we forgot where the midnight pancakes were, it was surprisingly just a bit cold, but not really chilly. At lunch I sat at the end of the table with two class friends and while they were laughing (they each laugh much more often than I do! which is weird!) I saw one of the staff wiping the tables with a wet towel and it was really mesmerizing. We were facing the windows, so you could see the reflection of the light from the windows on the table, and usually it just glows a tiny bit as it bounces off the tables, but once wiped with water, it shines. I know that's obvious, but it's really interesting watching table after table transform into these gleaming swishy reflectors. It's kind of like watching someone squeegee water off your windshield, or watching that girl in From Up on Poppy Hill (kind of a weird movie, but nice music and art) apply plaster onto the wall of the clubhouse. Just watching someone cover so much area so quickly and efficiently is really fun. Anyway I took a picture of the tables but didn't catch the staff person as he was wiping them. My friends suddenly stopped laughing to see what I was taking a picture of, and they asked if I was trying to take a picture of the group of guys at the far end of the tables.

At dinner I was talking to a friend about how I used to really hate having one class of food touch another class of food, but now I have chicken bits on my cantaloupe and scones soggy from waffle syrup (I don't know when I stopped hating pancakes and waffles, but it was a recent thing). I still find it slightly annoying and I look for an extra second at the honeydew at the end of my fork if it has a little bit of parsley or lasagna on it, but I find it to be an ok sacrifice because I really just want to stuff everything on one plate if possible and I try not to use the trays because they're so large and at most I'll probably only have 2 plates and a cup of water on it. It's fun to struggle with carrying all your food. The worst combination would probably be if I got soup, a plate of stuff from the main bar, a plate of fruit and pasta and stuff that couldn't fit in the other plate because of how much they overfill your plate, dessert on a plate, a bag of chips, a wrapped sandwich for later, and a cup of water. Imagine carrying that and then having to get your id out somehow at the checkout, hand it to the cashier, then take it back and run to the utensils station to grab that and napkins.

See you tomorrow,

song of the day: Near to You by A Fine Frenzy


Laura Mills said...

I love the picture and the song!! I really want to see Up on Poppy Hill, now. I hadn't heard of it until now. Ahh I'm so happy you're doing this with me :)

Also- just posted day two on my blog. I couldn't before because the internet was down.

Barbara Mills said...

I'm happy that you are going out with your roommate for midnight pancakes! It reminds me of my days at UT - we were always heading over to the sleazy little Kettle in the middle of the night for some kind of crazy food.